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Laura Stewart
Keep It Clean Body Detox Tips
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Keep It Clean Body Detox Tips

By doing a body detox, you can take proactive steps to polish up your insides. If you're thinking about doing a detoxification or cleanse but aren't sure how to do it, this basic introduction help flush any confusion (yes, we went there).

When we ingest substances such as chemicals from pesticides and processed foods, toxins can be deposited in the body. Toxins can also come from mercury-leaden fish, contaminated water supplies and polluted air. Our bodies naturally remove toxins through elimination, but many cleansing proponents believe excess amounts are stored, which can lead to illness and disease.

Intentional detoxification is an ancient technique that enhances the body's natural process. Nutrient-dense, easily digestible foods flood the body with vitamins and minerals while giving the digestive system a break. Foods that take more time to digest are meat, dairy and fish. Foods that are easy to digest are lightly cooked vegetables, grains and juice.

A typical food cleanse can last nine days and begins by excluding caffeine, alcohol, sugar, salt and processed food.

  • Days one through three include meals made with any combination of beans, grains, nuts, fruit and vegetables, and omits one of these food groups each day.
  • On days four through six, fruit and vegetables are only consumed.
  • Days seven through nine add the food groups back in, one by one.
  • By day 10, you're on a normal diet again.

Juice cleanses typically last three days, in which no food is consumed. Homemade juices include combinations of herbs, fruit, vegetables and nut milk. They should be made every two hours and consumed immediately. Today, companies offer a line of juice cleanses, which are more expensive than homemade juice, but extremely convenient.

“People cleanse to recover from illness or to eliminate an addiction such as sugar or nicotine,” says Kristal Muhich. As the owner of Kauai Juice Company in Hawaii, she's seen advanced clients cleanse at the beginning of each season.

When using a cleanse program, make sure to follow directions. Most cleanses require a specific three day pre and post diet. Make sure to get plenty of water and rest and listen to your body when you exercise. Think of it as a mini spa retreat-clear your schedule of commitments and pamper yourself.

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