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Healthy Party Drinks Everyone Will Love

Healthy Party Drinks Everyone Will Love

When it comes to entertaining, sometimes, the best drinks are secretly healthy ones. A party is great for socializing and being out, but sometimes the next day, you can feel the aftermath of too much sugar or too much alcohol.

Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy your next social gathering without the guilt of a hangover (we hope) or caloric-induced spree that makes you want to work out in excess the next day.

Here is a breakdown of three ways you can wow your guests with three healthy party drinks everyone will love at your next gathering.


Do you know how many calories are in alcohol? Dependent on your drink of choice, here is a brief overview of some of the leading alcohol calories per serving.

  • Beer’s calories can range from 103 to 350
  • Gin ranges from 97 to 116 calories
  • Rum is the same as gin, with 97 to 116 calories
  • Vodka is also the same as gin and rum, with 97 to 116 calories
  • Whiskey also has the same story, ranging from 97 calories to 116
  • The delicious coffee liquor you love is 160 calories for every 1.5 oz (ouch!)
  • Creme de menthe will also shock you with 186 calories for each 1.5oz serving

If we break calories down into some of the leading drinks out there, it may or may not surprise you:

  • Do you love brunch? A Bloody Mary contains 120 calories
  • Not all individuals like a Bloody Mary; some go for the Mimosa, which is only 75 calories
  • Feeling a little Sex and the City? That Cosmopolitan has 146 calories
  • The Daiquiri is 137 calories
  • Another beach drink, the Mai Tai contains a staggering 306 calories
  • If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, you might reconsider that second serving. The Pina Colada has 526 calories
  • Salt or no salt, the margarita has 168 calories
  • Don’t let the clear appearance fool you. A vodka tonic has 189 calories
  • If you’re winding down, a White Russian will land you at 568 calories

Here is a healthy alternative:

Give your guests a choice of either gin, rum, vodka, or whiskey, and offer up several mixing alternatives with regular club soda. Unlike soda or tonic, club soda has no calories, so pairing it with a herbal tonic or simply squeezed, fresh fruit makes it perfect to pair with any drink. Plus, using an herbal tonic comes with the health benefits of debating, helps with skin, supports immunity, and actually can destress you.


Wine contains fewer calories than most cocktails. The calories of white wines typically range from 128 to 130, and red wines go from 121 to 129 (however, that dessert wine will feel heavier at 157 to 165 calories).

But there are benefits to drinking red wine, which is why we’re listing it as a healthy party drink that everyone will love:

  • It contains antioxidants that can prevent heart attacks
  • These antioxidants can increase good cholesterol
  • They also may protect your blood vessels
  • Here is a healthy alternative of red wines to try:
  • Pinot noir, what’s long regarded as the healthiest of the red wines due to lower sugar levels
  • Merlot, because it contains high levels of resveratrol
  • Malbec, which shows a positive link to happy heart health and a more robust immune system


A non-alcoholic drink is called a “mocktail,” but there is nothing to mock about them. Mocktails are a great replacement for individuals who cannot or choose not to indulge in alcohol. But there are some actual benefits to choosing a mocktail over a traditional cocktail:

  • Mocktails have fewer calories, which is the main reason to choose for those trying to lose weight
  • Without the alcohol, there is no impaired state on your mind or effect on your body, and you’ll be able to act more like yourself
  • Most people drink to feel comfortable and to have something to do with their hands at social events (when everyone else has a drink in hand it can feel uncomfortable being without one). With a mocktail, you’ll still have the motions of drinking a regular cocktail without worrying about how you come off because you’ll be fully present.
  • There will be no hangover. The best part about choosing a mocktail over a cocktail is that you can’t wake up hungover the next day. Talk about a bonus!

Here is a healthy alternative:

Using a herbal tonic of choice, make a delicious fruity mocktail with ingredients in your kitchen. If you have a blender, throw in watermelon, strawberries, and lemon for a refreshing taste that’s appreciated year-round. Then, pour in a herbal tonic for a touch of fizz, and serve on the rocks (another option is to blend ice for a frozen concoction).


Healthy and alcohol aren’t typically used hand-in-hand and for a good reason. But that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a stellar party with options everyone will enjoy. With these three party favorites, your guests will be satisfied and [nearly] guilt-free.

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