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Get In Shape In 8
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Get In Shape In 8

Everyone knows exercise is important and needed on a daily basis, but sometimes trying to jump in on your own is not the most effective way to see results. Especially if you have been out of exercise for a while or have never really done much of it, learning sound fundamentals first is the best way to ensure you don't injure yourself and you build a plan to last.

In Shape in 8TM is an eight-week small group program for women designed to help them get in shape and learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The session meets twice a week and usually involves 15 to 30 minutes of group discussion or instruction on a given topic of health (i.e. nutrition, avoiding injuries, stressing less, etc.) and ends with a 45 to 60 minute workout. The workouts start from the ground up, teaching proper form and technique to avoid injuries and then teaching modifications throughout so that every participant can get the most out of each workout regardless of where they are coming from physically.

During the classes, participants will be introduced to many different exercise varieties from yoga to kickboxing to circuit training. This will allow them to discover what they enjoy and what works for them, while building the confidence to jump into any group class afterward and know they can do it.

Beyond the classes, participants are given some basic homework to do throughout the week and receive points for prizes if they do extra workouts during the week. Each participant also receives a consultation/fitness test from a certified personal trainer and/ or instructor at the beginning and end of the program to document their progress and address issues that are specific

to them.

While weight loss is an aspect of the program's purpose, the main focus is on building good habits that will last beyond the eight weeks and building the confidence and knowledge to continue a good healthy fitness routine.

Because of the small group aspect, and having the same women in a given session, each group has built-in accountability partners to help motivate and keep each other on track, both during the session and then afterward if desired.

At the end of the eight weeks, each participant will not just have improved physically but will have built habits and learned material to change their lifestyles for the better.

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