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John Fayocavitz, MED, NASM
Five Myths That Could Be Killing Your Diet
Fitness Aspects
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Five Myths That Could Be Killing Your Diet

Myth #1
Eating After 7PM Slows
Your Metabolism

Calories eaten after 7PM are no worse than those eaten at 1PM. It's what one eats at night that makes the difference. One should eat lean protein such as chicken or fish and try to avoid the highly processed starchy foods, which will increase the insulin level in the body.

Myth # 2
Slow Cardio Is Best
For Losing Weight

This is the farthest from the truth. One should try to begin an interval-based program, where you can cut down the time in which you workout. Increase the resistance and/or speed and try to keep the time between 15-25 minutes. This will create more of a calorie burn in half the time thus increasing the chance of more fat loss.

Myth # 3
To Tone Muscles, Do Light
Weights and More Reps

When lifting weights you want to increase the workload with as much weight as possible using proper form and being able to lift at least eight times. The muscles need to work hard in order to tone. The theory women will get bulky is so wrong. So, go ahead challenge yourself and see the difference.

Myth # 4
I Can Have That Sundae

So many people have this on their mind, “Heck, I'm working out and I can eat what I want now.” This has gotten more people into more trouble using that mindset.

Exercise should not be viewed as I can eat whatever I want. Trust me it is so much easier to eat 1,000 calories than it is to burn 1,000 calories. Don't sabotage your hard work by eating crap, you will always stay where you are or even worse.

Myth # 5 If You Stop Lifting
You Will Turn To Fat

The muscles may lose tone and strength, but muscles cannot turn into fat these are entirely two different tissues. Without the constant resistance of lifting weights, muscles will lose their tone and body fat may develop because of the lack of caloric burn and slowing of metabolism.

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