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Exercise A Healthy Habit To Start and Keep
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Exercise A Healthy Habit To Start and Keep

Exercise should be something that is done everyday, in some way or another. So how do you get started? Start out slowly, especially if you are inactive, have any health problems or if you’re pregnant or elderly.

Begin with a 10-minute period of light exercise or a brisk walk every day and gradually increase how hard you exercise and for how long. A good goal for many people would be to work up to exercising 4-6 times a week for 30-60 minutes at a time. Remember, though, that exercise has so many benefits that any amount is better than none.

Discipline and consistency are key. Here are some tips that will help you start and stick with an exercise program

Choose something you like to do. Make sure it suits you physically, too. For instance, swimming is easier on arthritic joints.

Get a partner. Exercising with someone else can make it more fun.

Vary your routine. You may be less likely to get bored or injured if you change your routine. Walk one day. Bicycle the next. Consider activities like dancing and racquet sports, and even chores like chopping wood or washing the cars.

Choose a comfortable time of day. Don’t work out too soon after eating or when it’s too hot or cold outside. Wait until later in the day if you’re too stiff in the morning.

Don’t get discouraged. It can take weeks or months before you notice some of the changes from exercise.

Make exercise fun. Read, listen to music or watch TV while riding a stationary bicycle, for example. Find fun things to do, like taking a walk through the zoo.

You can also sneak exercise into your day with little effort. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go for a walk during your break or lunch. Walk all or part of the way to work. Do housework at a fast pace. Rake leaves or do other yard work.

To help prevent injuries start every workout with a warm-up. That will make your muscles and joints more flexible. Spend 5-10 minutes doing some light calisthenics and stretching exercises, and perhaps brisk walking. Do the same thing when you’re done working out until your heart rate returns to normal.

The best exercise is the one that you will do. Cheers to healthy habits to start and keep, which include daily good nutrition and exercise.

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