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Lasheryl Stokes, LE
Winterizing Your Skin
Nouvelle Visage, LLC

Winterizing Your Skin

As we head into the winter months there is still a need for protecting our skin, not only from damaging UV rays, but also from the elements of the season such as wind, snow, coldness and even dryness from being indoors more often.

Even though the weather is a lot different during these months, the damage of the sun is the same any time it's present. So, believe that there can be harmful rays affecting your skin even on the cloudiest day. Therefore, you need to be ever vigilant in using sun protection products. This protection will prevent premature aging of the skin. The telltale signs of aging would be fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and hyper-pigmentation. These are just the beginnings of the aging process.

Relax, technology has come to our aid in helping to slow the process of aging. It begins with making a conscious effort in caring for your skin and body. Tips for surviving the winter naturally would begin with the first course of action, the use of sunscreen.

Secondly, drink plenty of water in order to keep your body and skin hydrated (natural mineral water); look for a high calcium-to-sodium ratio. Also, the kidneys are flushed out more effectively, so fewer toxins travel to the skin's surface.

Next, moisturize your body before going outdoors. A moisturizer will aid in protecting the skin. Essential oils can be used and massaged into the skin to improve the skin's surface (chamomile for dry skins, rose for oily skins.) Consult your skin care specialist before using essential oils.

Next, of course, diet is paramount in skin care. Plenty of veggies, fruits and grains aid in the body's health and fitness. Last but not least is the dreaded exercise. Just 30 minutes a day will guarantee unity super skin and a long quality life.

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