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Donna Rubin, Optician
Readers For Your Lifestyle
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Readers For Your Lifestyle

How many of us fall into a group of people who need help with focusing on close distances? Some might think that reading glasses are the answer to that issue. All we have to do is run out to the local dollar store and buy something off of the eyeglass shelf. Shall we take it a step further and ask who among those that might need reading glasses are also finding that they may not always be the perfect source of help with certain tasks?
Over 100 million Americans use computers every day at work, let alone the personal home use for surfing the web, banking, games, even using them for education. Studies show that 70% to 90% of those using computers over six hours a day have vision related symptoms. Some of these symptoms include dry, sore eyes, eyestrain, and delayed ability to adjust focus. We can have blurred vision, light sensitivity, headaches, and fatigue. Add to this sore shoulders and neck pain and that equals something that we in the optical field call computer vision syndrome. Let’s not stop with computer users. Many people perform tasks even without the use of a computer that may fall into this strained category hairdressers, mechanics, lab technicians, doctors, dentists, chefs, musicians, general office workers, carpenters, electricians and hobbyists. The list could just keep growing. So many people need help with longer than arm’s length distance vision that we in the optical industry call it the intermediate zone. Even an optician like me who sits across from a customer/patient like you will find that sooner or later we will need help with that desk range vision.
Fortunately many lens manufacturers have researched this issue for years. There are several ways we can make our lives more comfortable. This can be done with a lens that is made to allow us to do more than just read at a normal reading distance. Don’t get me wrong, reading is great, but what if your reading glasses allowed you not only to read, but to see the computer at the same time, or to read a recipe and then to see the kitchen counter work area? What if you paint an oil painting in front of you while you could also see the name of the color you are going to mix? Well, you can with a luxury reader, also known as enhanced reading lenses or office glasses. These wonderful lenses come in many designs. Some allow us to see across a room of 10 feet all the way back to our desks and if we choose to read with them, we can. Others will allow only 2-3 feet out and then reading up close. None of them have lines that interfere visually by causing us to look above or below them. That in itself is half the neck and back pain that we had mentioned earlier.
I am a strong advocate for simplifying our daily struggles and believe that our eyes can make some of those struggles easier if given the proper tools to work with. I encourage you to learn more about these special readers to enhance your lifestyle.

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