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Anne C. Crowley, MAc, LAc
New Beginnings
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New Beginnings

Yet another year begins and we ask ourselves, “What new beginnings can I manifest in my life”? Many people think of making health changes in the New Year. Some are ready to abandon smoking, alcohol, and other drugs. Some will take on new eating and exercise habits. Others will say, “I know something big will change for me.” They cant quite put their finger on it. They can feel an inner change coming that some would call spiritual.
New ways of thinking and perceiving our lives can be just around the corner. It may be a matter of just changing one behavior that we have become attached to. When we know that a behavior is no longer serving us, we decide to let it go. Open the car door and invite it out. This change in perspective requires diligence on our part. Affirming, “I am no longer a smoker”, or “I no longer get angry when he/she does —-.” Sounds simple and it can be. Take the plunge to eliminate one behavior that no longer works for you.
Acupuncture is a great modality for aiding us in shifting our perspective. It is a powerful healing art designed to bring more comfort in our lives in many ways. This can be a powerful journey for many people. It requires a commitment of time and resources and once people make that commitment, miracles can happen.
Other ways to help expand our perspective are by attending workshops, reading inspirational books, joining powerful discussion groups. Workshops and readings on personal change, growth and spiritual development can also be very powerful. More contemplative, solitary ways to bring us inner peace are meditation, quiet walking, and relaxing baths. We can also add yoga, Qi-Gong and massage to bring more balance.
Choose a new way of looking at your challenges so that they are no longer called challenges but something you used to know. Welcome to a new beginning and a new exciting year ahead.
Ask yourself what behavior do I want to change? Am I willing to make the changes? What avenues can I use to bring change?
Acupuncture, massage, or yoga
A workshop on change and transformation
An inspiring book

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