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Thomas P. Finley, OD
Importance of Vision & Eye Care
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Importance of Vision & Eye Care

When health surveys ask, “What are your most worrisome health fears?”, the answer is often, “loosing my vision”. Yearly eye examinations are the best way to make certain you're seeing your best and your eyes are healthy and free of disease. Without good vision, performing many day to day tasks becomes nearly impossible.
Take proper care of your precious sense of sight. Don't take your vision for granted. Unfortunately, many people put more emphasis on having their hair cut and styled than they do in having their eyes examined. Add yearly eye examinations to your New Year's resolutions.
For people needing eyeglasses, new stylish eyeglass frames are available to complement your appearance. Everyone requiring eyeglasses should have at least two or three pairs; one for back up in case something happens to the first pair, and one pair of sunglasses. Most people would never think about driving without a spare tire in their car. Why would you only want one pair of eyeglasses?
The first thing a person notices about you is your face. Make a good impression. Think about your clothes; dress, business, exercise or seasonal clothes. But many people have only one pair of eyeglasses to wear regardless of their activity. Eyeglasses are not inexpensive, but compared to other apparel, their cost per time worn is significantly less. Plus they're functional.
Based on your activity, your eyeglasses should vary. Computer users should have glasses designed specifically to reduce eyestrain. Eyeglasses for exercise and sports should be more durable and impact resistant. Glasses worn for “dress up” should be different than glasses worn with blue jeans. Quality sunglasses with polarizing filters should be worn outside to protect from glare and harmful ultraviolet rays.
New light-weight lenses with thinner edges are now available. Anti-glare filters allow more light through your lenses so you will see your best, especially at night. They will also reduce reflections in your glasses so people will be able to see your eyes more clearly.
For people suffering from TMB syndrome (too many birthdays) and presbyopia, no-line invisible multifocals continue to improve and simulate more natural vision. These newer designs are more optically advanced and easier to learn to use.
Other changes that occur as people become more age-challenged is they become more susceptible to developing sight threatening eye diseases like macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. Also, their eyes become drier. Yearly eye examinations are the only way to make certain your eyes remain healthy and free of these diseases.
Contact lenses are another option for correcting vision and are often preferred over eyeglasses. Disposable contact lenses are popular because of their comfort, convenience, safety, and cost. Bifocal contact lenses are also available. Tinted lenses to enhance or change the natural color of your eyes are also popular. Many people who were formerly unable to wear contact lenses are now able to because of industry advances in materials and designs.
Make comprehensive eye examinations one of your New Year's resolutions. Keep your eyes healthy and seeing as well as possible.
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