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Thomas P. Finley, OD
Give the Gift Of Sight For the Holidays
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Give the Gift Of Sight For the Holidays

Give someone special the gift of sight during this holiday season. Gift certificates for eye examinations, contact lenses, eyeglasses and sunglasses are all wonderful ideas. They are thoughtful, practical, and something everyone can use.

Eye Examinations

Everyone can benefit from a comprehensive eye examination. Your eyes are your window to the world. Take good care of them. Have a professional eye health and vision assessment at least every year.

See a doctor who will give you the best care. Don't settle for someone just because they're on a discount insurance panel list. Some insurance companies reimburse eye doctors less than it costs to have your nails done.

Think about it! Good vision and healthy eyes are more important to your quality of life. You may have to sacrifice one trip to your hair dresser and nail salon per year, but it's worth it.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses make wonderful holiday gifts. There are many different types of contact lenses for all lifestyle needs, even if you don't want to wear them every day.

Daily disposable contact lenses work especially well. Wear them once and throw them away. And they're available in most powers, including bifocals and for astigmatism. New color contact lenses are great for those wanting to change or enhance their normal eye color.

A special contact lens fitting examination is required to make certain the lenses fit your eyes, give you good vision, and will keep your eyes healthy. If you're purchasing contact lenses as a gift for someone, make certain the office has a no risk guaranteed fit contact lens policy.


People who wear eyeglasses always need a back up pair. It's important to think about what would happen if you suddenly broke or lost your eyeglasses.

It happens quite frequently, but many people are unprepared. We have all sorts of clothes and accessories for every season and activity (work, casual, dress, exercise, etc.), but one pair of eyeglasses for all waking hours of every day.

Good quality eyeglasses are not cheap, but if you break it down to how much they cost per day, you'll find they're far less expensive than most of your seasonal wardrobe ensembles.

It's also impractical having only one pair of eyeglasses for all of your needs. People who spend hours a day on a computer should have special computer eyeglasses. Sturdier eyeglasses should be worn for exercise and yard work. You wouldn't wear your best suit of clothes while exercising at the gym, so why wear your best eyeglasses?


Sunglasses, both prescription and nonprescription, make wonderful gifts. Anyone who spends time outdoors, or has a morning eastward, evening westward commute needs sunglasses. Quality sunglasses reduce glare and protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. They'll also make your vision more comfortable and reduce squinting, minimizing premature wrinkling around your eyes. Consider the newest Transitions lenses that darken outdoors and lighten indoors.

Give the gift of sight to someone you care about. They'll thank you for your foresight and thoughtfulness.

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