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Thomas K. Lo, MA, DC
Do You Really Need Nutritional Supplements?
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Do You Really Need Nutritional Supplements?

If you are wondering who needs nutritional supplements in a society where food is so abundant and inexpensive, the answer is everyone. If we eat better, can we get everything we need from food? Unfortunately, no.
Seventy percent of the food we eat is processed; it is stripped of essential fiber and nutrients, chemically altered, and loaded with preservatives. Most of our foods come out of box, bag or jar and rarely resemble something that once grew naturally. Nutrition surveys have found that, on a typical day, less than a quarter of Americans eat any vitamin-C rich foods, and less than a fifth eat broccoli, cabbage, or other cruciferous vegetables.
Nutrient deficiencies created by the American diet can cause the body to be prone to a number of symptoms including viruses, infections, allergies, headaches, fatigue, bowel problems, heart attacks, and arthritis.
Taking supplements bridges the gap between what you would like to eat and what you actually eat. In other words, even if we consume a totally perfect diet (and who does that?!), it cannot contain enough nutrition to take care of todays needs and have enough left over for paying back long-standing nutritional deficiencies. Our lifestyles and habits prevent us from getting the nutrition we need. Thats why I recommend whole-food supplements.
Even if we could get all the nutrition from our diets, only 9% of the population eats the recommended 5-9 servings of protective fruits and vegetables. Most of us tend to exchange convenience for health when it comes to food selection. Those of us who make an effort to consume fresh fruits and vegetables are not reaping the same nutritional benefits our ancestors did. Modern agricultural methods deplete the soil of minerals, which translates to nutrient-depleted produce. Furthermore, nutrients are lost as produce is shipped from farms to grocery stores, during the cooking process, and even by lengthy exposure to air and light.
Many of us think we are healthy in spite of suffering from chronic infections, allergies, bladder infections, headaches, sinus infections, joint problems, digestive problems, low energy level and lack of sleep and so on. Each little ailment we experience is our body trying to tell us about some nutritional deficiency.

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