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Kimberly Guorong Du, CMD, LAc
Acupuncture & Stomach Pains
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Acupuncture & Stomach Pains

Stomach pains are often seen in acute or chronic gastritis, duodenitis, peptic ulcer, and stomach neurosis. The etiology and pathogenesis in Chinese medical terms are different from conventional medicine. Chinese medicine believes that the causes of stomach pain are mostly due to the following reasons external cold invading the stomach, irregular food intake, over preference for raw and cold food, irregular eating habits, (frequent hunger or over eating) and eating too much sweet or fatty foods.
Anxiety, anger and depression damage the liver, causing the liver Chi to interrup the free flow of Chi, which adversely attacks the stomach and impeded its activity. This hinders Chi which causes pain. If this damage stays too long it may transform to heat. The heat would then consume Yin (cause blood stagnation), making the problem more difficult to cure.
Generally, weak functioning of the spleen and stomach, (due to invasion of pathogenic cold that is stagnated in the stomach), causes failure of the stomach Chi to descend, resulting in pain.
In order to avoid stomach pain we need to carefully adjust our living habits try our best to avoid too much cold food, raw food and spices; pay attention to sudden weather changes; add or reduce our clothes appropriately; and adjust our schedule to minimize stress. The people who already have stomach problems should be careful. If your conventional medical treatment doesnt work, you should consider acupuncture treatment. Its safe, effective and all natural.

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