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Gwen Beverly, Medical Hair Loss Specialist
Hair Loss In Men Have You Considered Hair Grafts?
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Hair Loss In Men Have You Considered Hair Grafts?

Hair systems are commonly referred to as “hair replacement.” Hair grafts, on the other hand, are more accurately called “hair restoration.” What's the difference? Hair systems are attached on top of the scalp. Hair grafts are attached to the scalp.

Yesterday's Technology Versus Today's Methodology

Typically, hair systems were attached to the top of the scalp by using a man's existing hair to create a track or a web to which new hair could be attached with clips, snaps or translucent thread.

The disadvantages to hair systems are

1) the hair sits on top of the head, it has a “built-up” look, and

2) the hair is attached to existing hair. As the hair grows, the hair system becomes less secure; in effect, it loosens

Hair Grafts Actually

Restore Your Hair

A hair graft is unlike a hair system. There are no attachments and therefore, no “built-up” look. A hair graft is nothing more than hair that is applied directly to your scalp, a permanent attachment.

Unlike pharmaceuticals, drugs, potions, lotions, weaves, systems, transplants, implants, flaps, micro plants and all the rest, the Effect hair graft can give you the one thing you really want the is effect of a full head of naturally growing hair.

Ask yourself these questions

Do I Want a Full Head

of Hair Again?

Of course, everyone wants a full head of hair again. But how flexible are you willing to be? In other words, what are your expectations? Would you be willing to settle for some “peach fuzz” in your crown? Or just have your current rate of hair loss slow down? If so, pharmaceutical remedies might be for you, provided you're willing to take them for the rest of your life.

Would I Be Willing To Settle For Just Some Additional Coverage?

In short, would you be fine with having more hair, but still look like you have hair loss? That's the effect of most surgical procedures. Transplants redistribute hair; they don't create more hair. The amount of hair that can be redistributed from your donor area in the back of your head is limited. And if your hair is straight and fine, you might have to combine a comb-over style with the transplant to achieve the desired effect.

Does It Matter If

The Hair Grows?

Quite simply, would you rather have more hair that didn't grow, or less hair that did grow?

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