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It's almost Valentine's Day. Women desire romance and love to be open to sex. Men crave sex to be open to love. Strong sex lives are a vital part of any committed couple's relationship. But, as adults move through their 40s and beyond, trying to please their partner's desire for love and sex can become more and more difficult.

Sex hormones help both men and women want sex as well as enjoy it to climax. Unfortunately, starting as early as the mid-30s, those hormones start decreasing and, around 50, take a serious nosedive. Interest in and ability to perform and enjoy sex are no longer a given.

Thankfully, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help.

“It's like a 20-year time reversal,” says bio-identical hormone replacement patient Sean, age 42. “I thought it was gone, but it's like my wife and I are kids again. The intensity is unbelievable.”

Mismatched Desire

In the early stages of a sexual relationship, most couples make love often and with ease. Both partners are happy. The problem of “mismatched desire” tends not to emerge until later, when sex hormones start to diminish.

In both men and women, sex drive is triggered by the hormone testosterone. Testosterone naturally decreases with age, impacting function as well as libido. Hormone replacement therapy can help when the problem is low sex drive. With careful monitoring and supplementation with bioidentical hormones, patients can increase sex drive to more closely match their partners.

Physical Discomfort

A woman's interest in sex around middle age can be thwarted by painful intercourse. The tissue lining of the vagina is healthy, elastic and moist in a woman's youth. Estrogen feeds these lining cells, which secrete natural lubricants. When estrogen significantly decreases in the years after turning 40, the vagina has less moisture and elasticity. And sex can hurt.

Bio-identical hormones are remarkably effective in increasing vaginal lubrication. With the correct amount of natural hormone supplementation, which should be based on the patient's symptoms, age and lab results, sex can become enjoyable once again.

For Valentine's Day, regain your sexual desire and function. Rekindle your most precious relationship through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Don't wait contact a bio-identical hormone specialist for the proper diagnosis and personalized treatment plan today.

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