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R. Thomas Roselle, DC
What Can Be Done For Migraines?
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What Can Be Done For Migraines?

Chiropractic Care May Hold an Answer
If you suffer from migraines, you're certainly not alone. They're relatively common, affecting an estimated 10% of the population. Many millions of adults, worldwide, get headaches regularly. Headaches are among the most common physical complaints prompting people to treat themselves or get professional assistance. One estimate holds that some 50 million people in the U.S. get severe, longlasting, recurring headaches. Most headaches are not signs of serious underlying conditions, but they can be very distracting, debilitating and account for significant amounts of time lost from work. What can be done to get rid of migraines? Chiropractic care may hold an answer.
What should I be concerned about?
If you are a headache sufferer, your obvious concern is to obtain safe, dependable relief. Although medication can offer relief even over-the-counter medications you should also be aware that many people experience what are termed “analgesic rebound headaches” from taking painkillers every day, or nearly every day. So, you may find that the medicine you take to get rid of today's headache may give you a headache tomorrow and the days after.
What can chiropractic do?
Chiropractors have had considerable success relieving the cause of headache pain. Adjustments have shown to be as effective and even more effective than medications in reducing the severity and frequency of headaches. Chiropractic is particularly successful dealing with cervicogenic headache. Even though cervicogenic and other tension-type headaches may not actually involve stress or muscle tension, adjusting spinal abnormalities seems to lessen or remove the forces contributing to many individuals headache pain.
If you suffer from headaches, you may want to schedule a comprehensive evaluation with your doctor of chiropractic. If neck and spine dysfunction is causing your pain, regular adjustments might be an effective solution for you.
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