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Liba Spyros, Co-Founder
Pain, A Treasure Map of Discovery
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Pain, A Treasure Map of Discovery

We have all experienced pain through an injury. I am sure we have never stood up and screamed, “Hurray, I've injured myself.” In most cases, we get discouraged and frustrated by an injury, however, there are some opportunities for growth when we are injured.

In all cases, seek the opinion of a health care provider. Some injuries require a time of rest for healing. There are a few cases when staying in a modified training regime expedites healing. After you and your healthcare professional decide what is best for your body, then true learning occurs. Start by being an observer of the pain sensations in your body.

It has become popular to ignore warning signs of strain and stress to our physicality. Pushing through pain is commonplace. Even the idea of popping an antiinflammatory pre or post workout is standard practice.

Injury prevention is the ultimate desire, however, once injured we need a new mindset for the situation. Start by observing your breath, areas of stiffness, and muscular weakness. A yoga practice teaches presence, mindfulness, and techniques for dealing with the stress associated with an injury. With a consistent yoga practice, you will learn to listen to your body's signals. Once a trauma has occurred, notice what you are feeling in your poses. Adjust to safely align your body. Ask questions of an instructor to help with alignment.

The road back to health can be exciting, because what we learn may only be possible through an injury. Healing can be a humbling process. So, use your breath to calm the fears that build in your mind. Work your strength in your modifications. Take care of your body, and keep it strong while healing. You will learn where there have been imbalances in your movement.

Injuries are a real set back, however, if you shift your mindset, the setback becomes less about what you can't do and more about what you can do. Keeping a positive outlook on the situation will allow you to see the good instead of the bad. In the end, you will gain invaluable wisdom that you did not possess prior to your injury. Again prevention is preferred; however should an injury occur, try to enjoy the treasure hunt.

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