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Paul MacKoul, MD, FACOG
Laparoscopy Proves Better In Most Cases
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Laparoscopy Proves Better In Most Cases

Recently, a patient came to my office to discuss options for removal of fibroids that were causing her heavy bleeding and pain. After a complete review of her sonogram and examination, it was clear that she was an excellent candidate for a laparoscopic procedure. I discussed with her the indications for the surgery, how the procedure was to be performed, and what she could expect after the operation.
Laparoscopic surgery requires only three to four small one quarter inch incisions, and as a result typical precautions often stated with open surgery such as a six to eight week recovery time, no heavy lifting or straining, and bed rest are not necessary. The laparoscopic approach allows most patients to walk, eat, drink, and resume normal daily activities within three to five days. Patients normally can even be able to leave the hospital the same day with minimal pain, and can return to work whenever they feel ready.
One of my jobs as a doctor is to be as up on new technology and procedures as possible and share this information with patients. In some cases, however, it is hard to convince patients that old procedures have essentially been replaced by new technology and better training. Even though it requires extra time and effort on a patients part, it is sometimes necessary to review the most current facts and information before making a decision.
Most people are familiar with the advantages of using a scope versus open incisions to perform many procedures and in the case of gynecological surgery, laparoscopy has become the gold standard rather than open surgery. I would estimate that the laparoscopic approach is possible, and recommended in greater than 90% of fibroid cases Ive seen.
Doctors who have been performing open surgery will continue to recommend it to patients, despite the advantages of laparoscopy. This can cause significant confusion for patients who want the latest technology and best options with the least complications and down time. This will change as more doctors are trained in advanced laparoscopic procedures, resulting in a continual decline in open surgery.
If performed properly, laparoscopy can yield better results faster, with less complications, and far better recovery than traditional open surgery.
It is important when getting surgical opinions to be sure to include a surgeon trained and experienced in advanced laparoscopic surgery. This is the only way you will have the information you need to make this very important decision.

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