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Sharon Fussell, LMT, SRT
Chronic Pain Know the Real Source
Solace Clinical Massage, LLC

Chronic Pain Know the Real Source

Chronic pain touches everyone young and old. You do not necessarily have to be in an accident or be injured to be in pain. A primary goal of any massage therapist is to assist in the down regulation of muscle tone whether regionally or systemically. Ideally, as muscle tone returns to a more normal state we would expect a reduction in pain, tension, inflammation and general discomfort. However that is not always the client's experience.

The best massage therapists do not simply focus on the area of complaint but on the cause of discomfort. For example, the very common condition known as plantar fasciitis or inflammation of the connective tissue on the sole of the foot is frequently addressed at the sole of the foot. Sometimes, a well-trained therapist will also address the calf muscles as the inflamed connective tissue originates in the calf. A really great therapist will always ask the question, “What caused that?” What caused the tension in the calf muscles to pull on the connective tissue of the foot, etc? Muscles are dumb. They cannot contract without a nerve signal sending the command. How can we expect outstanding results from soft tissue manipulation if we never address and turn off the nerve signal that is causing the muscles to contract? Plantar fasciitis can be caused by instability in the neck which then causes the muscles of the back to contract and leads to compression and irritation of the nerve supplying the calf muscles. As the nerve is antagonized, the muscles contract and hold tension leading to chronic inflammation on the base of the foot. Spinal reflex therapy (SRT) is the only soft tissue protocol that is designed to address the root cause of muscle tension and joint dysfunction.

SRT is a pressure point therapy that interrupts the chronic nerve irritation creating chronic muscle tension. It is a highly specific technique that is entirely safe for even the most complicated conditions. The moderate pressure on the affected muscles creates a full body release of endorphins and other feel good chemicals which lead to muscle relaxation. They also promote reduction in inflammation and initiate tissue healing in the body. The positive effects for a multitude of conditions have been researched and well documented with collegiate studies and ongoing clinical research.

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