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Chronic Pain and Depression – You Are Not Alone!
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Chronic Pain and Depression – You Are Not Alone!

<strong>Chronic Pain and Depression – You Are Not Alone!</strong>

Advanced Imaging Techniques Can Now Help Identify the Source of Your Chronic Pain

It’s no secret that chronic pain is more than just physically debilitating.

It can and will negatively affect your work, family relationships and by its definition may be an expectation of a life of continual misery as reported by our many patients.

What can be done?

There are no easy answers, but there can be help with recent advancements of imaging techniques now available.

Many referring physicians are only familiar with the “usual” imaging scans that they request for their patients on a daily basis.

Symptoms can be dizziness, forgetfulness, unsteady gait, numbness, pain in the neck, back and extremities which are either chronic, of varying intensity or occur without warning.

The most insidious of these are undiagnosed injuries to the neck – most especially as the result of whiplash or concussion – that undiagnosed can result in additional future injury and a lifetime pain.

A recent study by Dr. Michael Freeman published in July 2020 states, “There are approximately 869,000 traffic crash-related cervical spine injuries seen in hospitals in the US annually. The annual counts of whiplash and spinal disk injuries in the US likely exceed 1.2 million and 33,000, respectively. National insurance claim data, which include cases of cervical disk injury diagnosed both in and outside of the emergency room indicate this data likely undercounts cervical disk injuries by 92%, and correspondingly undercounts such injuries by 99% or more.

There is no reason to continually suffer chronic pain without proper diagnosis!

Are you one of these over 1.2 million patients every year?

If so, please ask your physician about a weight-bearing positional MRI or a digital motion
X-ray scan that may either document or rule out these common injuries in motion-related accidents.

It’s your life, and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest without the continual pain and suffering that restricts your physical and emotional health.

Ask about these advances in medical imaging today.  You have nothing to lose and the possibility of the pain-free life you have been hoping for.

Do a simple Google search for “Weight-Bearing MRI Near me” today, and begin the journey to a pain-free life that we all seek.

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