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John Fayocavitz, MED, NASM
Bodyweight Training For Injuries
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Bodyweight Training For Injuries

Here is the simple truth injuries stink. If you've ever injured yourself you know how frustrating it is that you cannot do the things you once did with ease.

When injuries happen, if at all possible, don't stop exercising altogether. To start the healing process, the use of bodyweight exercises can help strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the injury. Bodyweight exercises do not require free weights or machines the exercises use your “body weight” instead in order to create resistance.

In general, increasing the amount of repetitions will focus on improving endurance, while strength gains are made through increasing the intensity of the exercise through decreasing leverage and working at the ends of range of motion.

This also applies to those individual who may experience chronic pain. The use of bodyweight exercises may help to ease and/or alleviate the pain.

How Can Bodyweight Training Help Your Injuries?

Bodyweight training can help whether dealing with the injury, rehabilitation of the injury, or just trying to avoid an injury.

Bodyweight exercises

1. Alleviate stress around the injury and allow the healing process to begin properly.

2. Make one support his/her own bodyweight, which will not put too much stress on the injury, helping the blood to circulate through the injured area.

3. Help with balance and agility.

Which Bodyweight Exercise Should You Use?

One would have to first be assessed on the areas that need to be strengthened. Then under the proper supervision, exercises such as squats, lunges, split squats, pull-ups and push-ups can be performed.

Whether you are rehabbing or just wanting to avoid injury all together, a bodyweight workout is a very effective and powerful method of exercising.

Bodyweight exercises can also assist people to lose weight to become healthy and fit.

If you complete a rehabilitation program, you have the option to continue your rehabilitation/physical therapy once your sessions are completed with your physical therapist.

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