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Gary Alexander, Senior Attorney
Worker's Compensation Injury In the Home
Alexander & Cleaver, PA

Worker's Compensation Injury In the Home

Businesses that allow employees to work at home may be subject to workers compensation claims if their employee gets injured at home. In Maryland, in order to receive compensation for an injury on the job, the injury must arise out of and in the course of employment. Generally, the injury must occur on the employers premises. If a regular pattern of work has been established at the home, the home achieves the status similar to the employers premises, thus allowing compensation.
In order to avoid unnecessary injury and claims of workers compensation by employees who work at home, employers should
Visit the workspace at home to ensure safety;
Install electronic equipment in the workspace at home to avoid potential fire hazards;
Provide equipment such as chairs, headphones, and mouse pads that are ergonomically designed;
Provide information and brochures regarding proper techniques to
sit, type, etc. in order to prevent injury;
Enforce the employee manual and policies to the workspace at home as applicable; and
Encourage employees to treat their workspace at home in the same manner as if it were physically located at work.
Following these tips will not
only decrease the chances of an employee getting hurt on the job at home and filing a workers compensation claim, but will also enable the employer to maximize the benefit of allowing an employee to work at home. If you need assistance in establishing a work-at-home policy, contact your legal team.

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