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Vacation Safety Tips
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Vacation Safety Tips

With the end of the school year right around the corner, many people are coordinating their summer vacations. While some people vacation with their family, others travel with friends or on their own. Regardless of whom you are traveling with, it is important to remember that planning is key to a safe vacation. There is more to consider than where you are going and what to pack, you must also keep in mind your safety and the safety of the people traveling with you and as well as your belongings.
When you are initially planning your vacation it is of paramount importance to research where you are going. You want to make sure that you are aware of any possible health concerns (such as the swine flu), as well as any concerns with violence (if you are traveling somewhere abroad, such as the middle east). Even if you are only traveling within the United States, make sure to research crime rates in the areas you are traveling as well as areas to avoid. It is worth the few minutes you will spend on Google to help ensure that you have a safe vacation. While you are researching your vacation get-away, check out the local weather. It will be a big help when you are packing for your vacation; it is always good to be prepared.Also consider food safety and if the water is safe to drink where you are traveling.
Before you leave town make sure that you have informed a family member or neighbor where you are going.Provide information about where you are staying and when you should be arriving/departing. It is also smart to have a neighbor pick up your mail and to put some of the lights in your house on timers so it still looks as if someone is there.
If you are driving, make sure to carry an emergency kit in your vehicle that contains state and local maps, an address book, flashlight, road flares, a spare set of keys, jumper cables and a first aid kit. It is important to have your trip mapped out from point A to point B.
Once you have reached your hotel, review the safety information provided and locate the nearest exits in case of emergency. The front desk at the hotel is a great resource when inquiring about sight seeing adventures as well as areas to avoid. Make sure that everyone you are traveling with has a copy of their key and if you deem necessary, agree on a safe spot that everyone in your family can remember in case you get separated while away from the hotel.
It is always a good idea to carry travelers checks while on vacation rather than carrying large amounts of cash. If you do carry cash, make sure not to display it openly and try to use bills of smaller denominations. Also, only bring with you the credit cards that you plan on using. Make sure that wallets are kept in an inside coat or pants pockets and that pursers are kept closed and close by your side.
Vacations are often the highlight of any summer. To ensure that you have the best summer vacation possible remember that planning is key and that you can never be too careful. By doing some research, knowing your travel routes and planning you can have a fun vacation and keep your mind at ease.

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