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Understanding Your Genes
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Understanding Your Genes

Your overall health is the product of the interactions that occur between your genes and factors like smoking, stress, exercise, diet and alcohol. Your genetic make-up dictates what nutrients are used and how they are used in your body, how toxins are removed from your body, what happens to waste matter and the efficiency and effectiveness of these processes and how they work in your body.
By making modifications to your lifestyle and using a specific nutritional supplement plan, you can have a positive impact on the way your genes work and make up for the areas where your genes arent performing at their best possible level.
It is common knowledge that nutrition is a very important factor when considering weight control and overall health. Recently, a biotechnology research company has made major breakthroughs in the areas of DNA research and nutrition.
According to a study that was released, it is now possible to customize your nutritional supplements based on your specific DNA footprint. Foot printing involves investigating the specific sequence of DNA binding proteins that is individual to each person. Due
to advances in technology and
advances in genetics and nutri-
genomics (nutrition and genetics)
people can now benefit from a
supplement that
is formulated based on their own predispositions and DNA foot print.
There is a wide array of nutritional supplements are available for purchase and use, many health care professionals dont think that the use of these supplements are practical or economical. An individualized approach that takes into consideration a persons predispositions from a DNA SNP standpoint is much more effective and helps to save money and time. Using a specific regimen rather than an approach that is not individualized for your genetic make-up helps focus your routine on areas that are important to your individual physiology.
Experts are predicting a fundamental shift; consumers will begin to demand wellness and nutritional products specifically formulated for their genetic profile. The current “one size fits all” paradigm in nutrition is obsolete.

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