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Shandon Thompson, DC, CCSP
Tips To Avoid Sports Injuries
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Tips To Avoid Sports Injuries

Tips To Avoid Sports Injuries

People of all ages enjoy physical activity. There are many benefits of sport,yet aches, pains, and injuries are the risk. How can you minimize your down time so that you can enjoy all the healthy activities you and your family enjoy? Here are some tips to minimize your chance of injury.

Avoid thermal (temperature-caused) injuries. When its cold, bundle up. Likewise when its hot, wear suitable clothing, and also ensure proper hydration. When feasible, consider working out in cooler conditions, such as moving a mid-day run to the morning. Also, acclimate. Especially with extremes of heat, the body needs a few weeks to get used to the stress.

Wear proper equipment. Tennis shoes are not appropriate for basketball and running. Look for shoes with ankle support and make sure they fit snugly and have non-skid soles.Strongly consider eye protection and mouth guards. Even if youre in a senior basketball league that does not require such equipment, overcome your juvenile sense of whats “cool” and put on the goggles or whatever equipment that might save you pain and suffering.

Use (and learn) correct form. Theres no substitute for pure grit and determination,but it has been said, “Practice doesnt make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” Find a coach, or a peer group, that can guide you to your goals.

Dont Play When Youre Injured. Playing when youre hurt or before an injury has had a chance to fully heal is a bad idea. It can lead to an even worse injury, one that might sideline you for a long time. See a doctor for your injuries, when necessary, and follow his or her advice about how and when to return to practice and play.

Warm up and Cool Down. Take five minutes to walk in place or do some jumping jacks to warm your muscles up and get your heart ready for activity. Then stretch. After the sport activity, take 10-15 minutes to gradually cool down and stretch your muscles again.

Trust the experts. Many doctors of chiropractic, medical doctors and other health professionals are trained to analyze and optimize the function of the nervous system and the human frame. Whether balancing the joints of the low back, working with a shoulder girdle, prescribing orthotics, or helping an athlete to overcome a functional limitation, trust the experts who can help you overcome injury or prevent it in the first place.

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