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Gail Troussoff Marks
Through a Pre-Schoolers Eyes
Silver Stars Gymnastics

Through a Pre-Schoolers Eyes

To my readers this month I am taking you on a fanciful, imagined trip into childrens minds.The names and attributes do not represent any particular child.
Hi, Im Lily, Im two and my mom and I just came to gymnastics class.Mom gets to come into classwith me.We have to take our shoes and socks off and we go into a really big room with a bouncy blue floor.All the kids and adults are supposed to run around the dots on the floor, next we tiptoe and then we bend over and walk like a bear. After that, the teacher asks us all to sit down on a dot and shows us ways to stretch. Sometimes we make our bodies into shapes like animals.Mom helps me.We stick our legs out straight on the floor. I can touch my toes, but my mom cant!She says it is good exercise for her, too.We pretend to be butterflies with our feet touching and our legs flapping.The teacher asks me what animal I want to see at the zoo. I get nervous and hide behind mom.Next week I might see if mom can help me say “elephant.”I like when wemake the cat and dog shapes with our bodies. I can make those shapes when I play with my friend.
Next we walk down to a really long trampoline. I am supposed to jump all the way down the trampoline and then crawl back through some tunnels. The trampoline feels a lot different than jumping on moms bed.My teacher asks me to bounce with both feet together but it is hard.One time I did bounce with both feet and another time I bounced high andfell boom.I got up and galloped like a horse down the rest of the tramp.One of the girls can bounce really well and she is smaller than me, but one boy just runs. He doesnt even try to bounce.
Now we pretend we are on a train and walk across the gym to another room.There are a lot of colorful big shapes called mats.We sit down and wait for our turn.My teacher calls this the floor station or obstacle course.Im not sure I can roll like she showed us.I climb up a mat and I have to remember what to do next. I put my hands on the ground and push my feet against the wall, thats called a handstand. Then I climb through a tunnel and jump off a mat.Everything is soft, so it isnt scary to jump.
Now we go over to the bars.Today I get to swing on the bar and the rings, as well as try the monkey bars.I even climbed a rock wall.It was hard to figure out which rocks to step on and which rocks to grab with my hands. Next we are going to walk on the balance beam.I bet I can do that better than my brother.
My brothers class is at the rope swing. Jon can hold onto the rope and swing for a long time. Today he is even trying to climb the rope. My class goes to the rope when we finish walking on the balance beams. The teacher helps me sit on the knot in the rope, squeeze my legs together, and then hold the rope tightly with my hands.When I concentrate on holding tightly with my hands, I forget about my legs.I do better on my second turn.
Mom liked talking to some of the other moms, but mainly,mom paid attention to me.One of the boys in my class sat next to me and asked me my name. One of the girls in class was really nice. She has been in class before so when I forgot what to do next I could follow what she did.All the kids got stamps at the end.Now I can show my dad and my friends the “star” stamp on my hand. It will be fun to come next week.

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