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Lynn L. West, PhDc, BCETS, LCPC
This Too Shall Pass
Lynn L. West & Associates, LLC

This Too Shall Pass

Perception is the sum of our beliefs, values, and the images we hold as representing “our truth”. Perceptions reflect who we are, but they can change across a lifetime.

Most of the thoughts, ideas and statements people make are just replays of previously recorded information gathered from significant people in our environment. But many of these old statements that may have been appropriate for someone growing up do not always apply to current interpersonal dynamics.

Relationship conflict and communication difficulties between partners and/or children often occur when things don’t line up the way someone else wants them to be. No matter what it is, when someone does not “mirror” your mental image of how it should be, conflict arises. What is required is mental flexibility and mental fluidity to be able to cope with change and master the change. Many people will fear change of their core beliefs and values, holding on to and insisting on protecting the “way it has always been done”. But resistance to change never works. Change is inevitable. We must face the situation; solution arises out of accepting change.

Be “conscious”. In each situation, measure your attitude and every decision against your perception. If your “ego programs” control you, you will hold on to the past and will react with anger, agitation, and fear. But if you act from a higher principle, you may find a peace and enjoy strength from evolving with change in times.

Empathy, the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experience, feelings and emotions, has to occur in a symptathetic vibrational exchange. Mirror neurons in each individual dovetail with each other allowing balance, harmony, and coherence. Simpatico occurs. Lack of empathy causes an inability to establish vibrational simpatico. Instead, perception is based on reading someone’s facial expressions instead of their actual feelings, sustaining the argument.

To be conscious someone has to challenge their courage. It starts with the question “What do I need to do to achieve harmony and balance in my life?” Establish guiding principles for your life. Be ready to give up what no longer works. Be totally present in the moment. Live in the now. Anything that is truly important requires you to be fully present; 100% there when you are with someone. Put away your distractions (PDA, smart phone, Ipod, mail, etc.). Be 100% present. Listen. Agreement flows. Make your time with others count. Do what works; do not argue with or resist change.

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