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Frederick T. Sutter, MD
The Time of Year For Rejuvenation
Center for Wellness Medicine

The Time of Year For Rejuvenation

This is the time of year when people consider rejuvenation and renewal. It is no longer a secret that our lifestyles and environment create challenges in our ability to feel optimally well. Routinely we hear of toxins in every aspect of our surroundings. Even in the once pristine arctic areas, we are discovering common toxins in the animals living theretoxins that have been released thousands of miles away.
As the medical field embraces this obvious trend, more concern will be focused on the clearing of these toxins, and on addressing the impact of sleep deprivation, over-stimulation and stress in a proactive way to mitigate these influences. It takes no genius to see where this is headed. Currently, we wait for disaster before acting, which is certainly representative of the human condition. Many knowledgeable individuals have been sensitive to these issues and there are established protocols to promote rejuvenation through appropriate lifestyle interventions and targeted nutritional protocols.
Throughout human history there has been an awareness of the need for rejuvenation and renewal. Most religions and cultures have their own versions of this process, which usually consist of a combination of prayer or breathing exercises (stress management), dietary interventions (easing the burden on the system) and some other physical activity that influences metabolism. Health spas are very popular as a retreat from the stresses of daily life and environment, and provide a myriad of approaches to rejuvenation.
One trend in the wellness sector is the rapid growth of detoxification or clearing methods, including a variety of treatment that manipulate the bodys physiology with interventions that support the bodys detoxification mechanisms. These might include low level exercise, various sauna-type treatments and the use of a variety of nutritional supplements to “turn on” or increase the bodys capacity to safely eliminate the toxins that we accumulate on a daily basis. There is a vast amount of medical literature that outlines how our body manages and attempts to eliminate toxins, and there are multiple, safe approaches to support this process.
At this time of year we also take stock of where we are in our lives and consider the aging process. Two great representations of age are our skin, and how we feel on a daily basis. Much attention is given to skin care treatments, including surgery and even the injection of toxins to render change. Again, this is a reaction to unwanted changes that have been occurring over decades.
It has been my privilege to work with many individuals who are knowledgeable of, and practice, healthful living. What is striking about these people is their radiant skin, energy levels and youthful appearance. So in truth, healthful looking skin is no accident and is created from “the inside out”.
In caring for my patients, one of the first things that I notice when they are consistently making healthful lifestyle changes is the healthy glow in their skin. It is like the radiance that every mother recognizes in their child. This radiance is given to youth, however it is earned as an adult. It is the mirror of inner health and reflects a commitment to healthful diet, exercise and stress managementall essential components of rejuvenation.
The New Year can be a wonderful time for reflection and commitment to renewal and rejuvenation. Now more than ever, there is perhaps too much information about everything, even though knowledge is our most valuable resource in making a course change for better health. Licensed professionals can carefully filter through all of this information to give safe and effective advice to guide you in creating a healthy lifestyle that is easily lost during the holiday schedule in our culture. Coaching of this nature will become more prevalent in our health system in the future as we move from treating catastrophe to coaching and supporting wellness.

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