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Kathy Mellott, AuD
Taking Your Hearing Self-Assessment
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Taking Your Hearing Self-Assessment

Not sure about your hearing? This brief quiz can give you an idea of whether you, or someone you know, is experiencing hearing loss. Answer yes or no.
1. Do you hear people talk but have difficulty understanding the words?
2. Do long conversations make you feel tired or irritable?
3. Do people seem to mumble or speak more softly than they used to?
4. Do you need to ask people to repeat things frequently?
5. Are you turning up the volume on the radio or TV above where others listen?
6. Is it difficult to converse on the phone?
7. Is it harder to hear when background noise is present, such as restaurants?
8. Have you had any noise exposure at work, recreation or in military service?
9. Do you have difficulty following dialog at the movies or theater?
10. Is it easier to understand mens voices than womens?
11. Is it sometimes difficult to understand the speaker at a public meeting?
12. Does difficulty hearing cause you anxiety or embarrassment?
13. Does difficulty hearing cause you to visit with friends or family members less often than youd like?
14. Has anyone close to you suggested that you might have a hearing problem?
Many people can answer yes to at least one question. But if you answered yes to two or more, its time for a more thorough investigation. An audiologist (hearing professional) can give you an in-depth analysis of your, or your loved ones, hearing abilities and options.
You might want to keep track of your hearing experience for a few days. Track the number of times you experience difficulty in conversation, or how often you ask someone to repeat themselves. Ask a friend to set the TV volume to a comfortable listening level; is it loud enough for you to hear comfortably? What do your answers tell you?

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