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Karen McDermott, DC
Take This Dance Into Your Eighties
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Take This Dance Into Your Eighties

Ever wonder why 80-year-old Grandpa Joe was able to waltz at your cousins wedding while 80-year-old Grandpa Jack needed help getting up the stairs? The answer to that question often involves two similar life styles with two very different approaches to health care; deciding whether it needs immediate attention, or whether it is broken enough to be fixed. A few minor changes in attention to health care would have allowed Jack greater independence into the later years of his life.
Though healthy living makes the doctors job easier, it is especially important for someone who is not health conscious to have chiropractic care and guidance. Chiropractic care offers the support and treatment for maintenance and restoration of function. It is appropriate for individuals on the full spectrum of health from disease prevention to advanced degenerative disease.
Do you feel your condition cannot be helped? Do you feel that you have tried it all?
Let 2006 be the year that you embrace healthy habits. Your body's signals of stiffness and pain are telling you something is wrong. Are you listening? Back pain is one of the most disabling conditions that will usually worsen over the years when left untreated.
There are many causes for back pain. Causes range from an injury to metabolic disorders. It is necessary to have a physician such as a D.C. or M.D. trained in differential diagnosis to determine the difference. Some of the causes can be
repetitive stressors
motor vehicle accidents
congenital defects
household accidents
poor posture
referred pain of organic origin
When the body endures even a small injury, there will be a reaction of pain, a muscle spasm and/or a change in joint position. In response, the body assumes a protective, antalgic position to avoid pain. This abnormal position strains muscles and puts additional pressure on the skeletal system. Without correction, this strained position leads to shortened muscles and osteoarthritis. This is a process that with time becomes progressively less reversible. The more time that elapses between injury and correction and the more damaging the initial injury, the lengthier the time of recovery will be.
There are many means for correcting dysfunctional posture
chiropractic adjustment
stretching shortened muscles
strengthening weakened muscles
Nutritional management is important in allowing faster healing of inflamed tissues and managing pain. Instead of pain medications that may have adverse effects on the delicate balance of chemical processes in the body, there are many herbal and nutritional alternatives that are often safer for the gastrointestinal tract.
Chiropractic is a conservative, safe and effective treatment for the following individuals
sufferers of arthritis/elderly
disabled patients
sufferers of diabetic neuropathy
pregnant women
Chiropractic has been found to have a better outcome than medical care and other therapeutics. It is more effective in long-term care of low back pain. It can slow the progression and sometimes arrest of arthritic consequences such as degenerative joint disease and arthritis.

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