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Nancy J. Miller-Ihli, PhD
Successful Weight Loss
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Successful Weight Loss

As a former national program leader for nutrition for the US Department of Agriculture I am all too familiar with the challenges of the obesity epidemic. While serving in that role I was tasked to write a white paper on obesity for the White House and at that time I realized there was no simple solution to the “battle of the bulge”. A review of the literature and ongoing nutrition-related research projects revealed that people commonly try fad diets only to wind up riding the “roller coaster” of weight loss and weight gain. The result? People become frustrated, self-esteem can plummet and many give up thinking they will always be obese.
In my opinion, diets dont really work for anyone. Diets are a temporary way of eating and that means they only provide temporary results. Successful weight loss and maintenance comes from adopting a balanced program that addresses the key factors that contribute to obesity. The program must be easy to follow and adhere to. Long-term success can come from a lifestyle change incorporating
Low glycemic impact (GI) foods,
Stress reduction techniques,
Appropriate nutritional supplements, and
This type of 4-part program is not a diet its a lifestyle change. This way of eating can help reduce inflammation, reduce cardiovascular risk and avoid (or better manage) diabetes as well as allowing you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
Low GI foods avoid a rapid rise in blood sugar and insulin levels avoiding a metabolic switch being thrown signaling the body to store fat. Low GI foods help you to burn calories more efficiently. These foods include a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein and represent a healthy way of eating that will lead to improved body composition. Low GI eating helps you feel full faster and longer.
The success of low GI programs continues to grow. In fact, well known nutrition expert Shari Lieberman, Ph.D. reported an average loss of 14 lbs and an average 4″ waist loss for participants who participated in a 12-week pilot study for a low GI lifestyle program (published in Alternative and Complementary Therapies, December 2005, p. 307). There are literally dozens of other articles in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals focusing on the health benefits of low GI eating, and I personally have had huge success with this style of eating.
Summer is the perfect time to incorporate more low GI foods into your meals. Locally grown produce is a great choice since the nutrient content is often much higher in fruits and vegetables that are allowed to ripen on the vine. Much of the produce in grocery stores is picked weeks before you purchase it because things are shipped long distances. As such, the vitamin and mineral content is often lower. Fruits and vegetables contain beneficial plant compounds which are effective antioxidants and they are high in fiber which is helpful in ensuring healthy blood glucose levels. Enjoy all that summer has to offer..including healthy foods and youll feel better and can lose some weight in the process!

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