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Cheryl Smith, RN
Sneak Greens Into Your Diet
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Sneak Greens Into Your Diet

Spinach in brownies, sweet potatoes in grilled cheese sandwiches, and avocado in chocolate pudding? According to Jessica Seinfeld, wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, these are just a few of the options available to parents who want to sneak a few vegetables into their childrens diets. Ms. Seinfelds bestseller, Deceptively Delicious, is just one of the many modern cookbooks making headlines for incorporating healthy foods into popular family favorites.
The evidence is undeniable that vegetables are the way to go for weight loss, disease-fighting properties, and overall health and wellness. Its not always easy to get enough greens into your daily regimen, especially in todays fast-paced culture. If youre looking to give the green light to more veggies in your daily diet, try a few of these tips.
Try veggie finger foods. In our fast-food culture, it seems that the real “fast foods,” fruits and vegetables that just need a rinse in the kitchen sink, are virtually non-existent in most peoples diets. Try replacing your usual finger foods with some greens. Wash some celery, paste on a teaspoon of peanut butter, and enjoy.
Add vegetables to your favorite stand-bys. Most pastas and soups are good candidates for a few veggie toss-ins. Include grated or chopped veggies, such as spinach, in meatloaf and casseroles.
Set boundaries on your dinner plate. Use half of your plate for vegetables and the other half for meat and starches.
Keep veggies handy. Once each week, cut-up some vegetables and place them in a see-through container in your refrigerator. Try cucumber slices or broccoli florets.
Order a veggie pizza on nights when you just cant brave the kitchen.
Eat salad as your main dish once or twice per week. Just go easy on the dressing, which can pack a serious calorie punch.
Add vegetables into your smoothies. Blend a half-cup of romaine lettuce or a stalk of celery into your usual fruit smoothie. You will hardly notice a difference in the taste.
Allow your children to help clean, peel, and cut-up the vegetables. They are more likely to eat what they have prepared themselves.
If the above-listed tasks seem daunting, then dont pressure yourself to do everything at once. Incorporate just one tip each week. Before you know it, youll be sneaking more greens into your diet than ever before.

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