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Shirley Cosson
Seven Minute Meditation
Seven Minute Meditation

Seven Minute Meditation

Meditation is one of the most frequently mentioned alternative therapies. A search of the National Library of Medicine found over 1500 studies using meditation, sometimes alone but often combined with traditional treatments. Many health practitioners recommend meditation for supporting drug or other healing therapy in lowering blood pressure, improving exercise performance in people with angina, helping people with asthma breathe easier, relieving insomnia and generally relaxing the everyday stresses of life.
Brain research begun in the early 2000s is beginning to produce concrete evidence that meditation actually changes the way the brain functions. The researchers summarize by saying that the “trained” brain is physically different from the untrained one. Researchers expect as studies continue that they will be able to better understand the potential importance of this brain training and increase the likelihood that meditation will be taken seriously. Its potential for broad application to medical problems is huge.
As an ancient tradition and increasingly popular practice meditation provides a safe and simple way to balance physical, emotional, and mental states. It can benefit everybody. Meditation enhances life in general by teaching focus and concentration, but it also aids in establishing a habit of using other means to handle stress, such as observation and patience, instead of allowing anxiety to escalate.
Traditional meditation techniques such as transcendental meditation based on mantras or “mindfulness” meditation taught by some branches of Buddhism recommend two twenty-minute sessions a day. However, once certain relaxing, breathing, and thinking principles are learned, one can experience meditations benefits using less time. Gentle, consistent use establishes meditation as a natural facet of everyday life. Seven Minute Meditation teaches breathing, relaxing and thinking patterns, including visualizations as well as mental thought patterns that lead to a long-term habit of relaxing whenever needed.
Meditation can be a passive practice of being quiet and relaxing, but it also can be an active practice. That is, while in the meditative state a person can use positive suggestion, visualization, and new concepts to change old habits. For example, if one always sees the world as a “bad” place, positive ideas about the many good things in life can be used as affirmations or mantras. In the meditative state one can find new ways to think more positively about anything simply by asking, “What change do I need to make to help this problem?” Also, asking questions to find new ideas is another way to expand the range of positive thoughts. The question could be asked this way, “What other idea do I need to further improve my situation?” The more you speak of yourself in a positive way the more positive you will feel.
Some affirmations one might want to adopt
I make good decisions.
I feel positive about myself.
I find joy every day.
I embrace abundance.
I accept challenge and perform the best I can.
Integrating positive thinking into your day-to-day life through meditation can only does one thing for you you feel better, more peaceful and happier.

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