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Maria Scott, MD
See Life Differently This Year
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See Life Differently This Year

To many of us, our vision is one of the most precious gifts we have. Think about all the life experiences you have “seen.” For some its opening their new business; for others its watching a childs first step; or perhaps its seeing the sunrise above the Bay. Life is full of experiences worth seeing clearly and revolutionary advances in technology are giving people many more choices to improve their vision.
For those of you who considered getting LASIK but were afraid, the latest technology offers customized, blade-free procedures that have safely and successfully corrected over one million eyes. With such advances as the IntraLase method, LASIK is not only 100% blade-free, but also shown in clinical studies to provide more patients with vision that is 20/20 or better. Additionally, if you were not eligible for LASIK due to steep, flat, or thin corneas, you may now be a candidate with the IntraLase Method.
If you are over 45 years of age, have great distance vision without glasses, and are tired of your reading glasses, the exciting new advancement called CK (conductive keratoplasty) may be the procedure for you. As we get older our eyes age and our near vision becomes blurred; however, CK helps turn back the hands of time and allows you to see like you did years ago. This safe, simple procedure takes just a few minutes to perform and uses radio waves to correct your near vision. You will no longer have to search for your reading glasses to read the menu or dial your cell phone.
Are you or your parents considering cataract surgery? If so, be sure to learn about all the available options before making your decision. Until recently, most cataract surgeries used monofocal lenses that typically required patients to wear reading glasses or bifocals for near vision following surgery. Today, advanced technology offers multifocal lenses that greatly improves patients range of quality vision allowing them to see near, intermediate and distance often without the reliance on glasses. Additionally, there are now lenses, such as the AcrySof Toric lens, for patients who have both a cataract and corneal astigmatism. This lens allows these patients to recapture quality distance vision.
Another growing area in eye care is oculoplastics (oc-u-lo-plastics), which encompasses cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, eyebrows, and mid face including tear duct surgery, thyroid eye disease, and orbital tumors and fractures. In some cases, your upper eyelid skin may hang down and impede your vision. Blepharoplasty is the surgical procedure to remove this excess skin and sometimes fat from the upper and/or lower eyelids. For others, your eyelids may turn in (entropion) causing irritation from eyelashes that rub on the front surface of your eye. If your eyelid turns out (ectropion), it can cause tearing, redness, irritation and poor closure of your eyelids. These conditions may seem unlikely to be found at your eye doctors office, but they are important to maintaining healthy vision.
The bottom line is that revolutionary advances in technology give you so many more options for your vision care than ever before. What would life be like if you could see it differently? Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor to discuss all your options. Life is worth seeing clearly.

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