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Kimberly Aspelin, RN
Restore Natural Healing
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Restore Natural Healing

When I was a child my grandmother would say “Go spend time in nature and find your balance.” As a child I thought this meant to get out and play, and I was always eager to agree. Being out in nature would always bring about a sense of calm and a feeling of being connected to something larger than life. Those were words of wisdom that have carried me through many challenges in life.
In our modern world we have become disconnected from the natural world that supports us. We spend our days in cars and buildings. We stay attached to phones, TV and computers. We get bombarded with sound through cell phones, iPods, machines and the technical world. We get exposed to images of fear-inducing news numerous times throughout the day.
Does all of this bring balance to the natural energy flow of the human body?
How do you feel after watching news about economic depression or crimes against humanity? Do you feel calm and joyful? How do you feel after a day spent outdoors, feeling the warmth of the sun, hearing the birds sing or watching a butterfly dance in the air?
For centuries, information has been provided on bringing the body into balance through meditation, prayer, yoga, tai chi and many other modalities. This information can help us disconnect from the electromagnetic world that bombards our energy field and help us connect to our inner center. This mind/body/spirit connection may reduce stress and provide a general state of well-being. The understanding of the human energy field and how blockages in energy flow can bring about dis-ease has been researched and covered in many articles and books.
A medical intuititive is a person that can sense subtle changes in the energy field. Caroline Myss, Ph.D. wrote an introduction titled Healing With the Human Energy System, which has brought this field into the public eye.
Chakras have also been a topic of discussion for centuries. These energy centers located in the midline of the body are known to govern our psychological properties. The chakras in the lower part of the body are our instinctual side, the higher ones our mental side. When chakras are open they are considered operative in a normal balance. Ideally, all chakras in balance would contribute to our well-being. However, this is usually not the case.
1. Root Chakra is about being grounded, stable and secure.
2. Sacral Chakra is about feeling and sexuality.
3. Navel Chakra is about self-esteem.
4. Heart Chakra is about love, kindness and affection.
5. Throat Chakra is about self expression.
6. Third Eye Chakra is about insight and visualization.
7. Crown Chakra is about wisdom and being connected.
Make today a new start to finding balance by understanding your energetic system and reconnecting to the natural world.

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