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Alan S. Weiss, MD
Overcome Low Energy States
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Overcome Low Energy States

Of all the concerns and complaints that people bring to physicians, one of the most common is “I just dont have enough energy to get through the day”. People often feel like they just have enough energy to get to work and come home, and collapse with the hope that tomorrow will be better.
How do you know if you are in a Low Energy State? Besides feeling like you dont have any sufficient energy to make it through a regular day, you may also feel like there is no way you can take on anything extra because that would be the straw that breaks the “camels back”. You may find yourself not sleeping well, or simply not feeling rested after a night of sleep. You may be achy especially following any kind of exertion, which can also wipe you out for a few days.
Other features of Low Energy States are the inability to lose weight no matter what or how you eat, even if you get a bit more exercise than usual. Often when interviewed people will acknowledge a lowered libido, feeling cold, and intestinal symptoms such as bloating and constipation. People may notice problems with hair and nails, feelings of dizziness, and a whole slew of other symptoms.
Undoubtedly as people including physicians read the above paragraphs, a range of possible reasons such as Chronic Fatigue, low thyroid, and depression, among others.
However, given that the human body will generally be either fatigued, in pain, or both when something is not working, many different reasons abound for a person being in a Low Energy State.
One approach to dealing with such a condition is to consider that when the human body has what it needs to work well and is relieved of what it does not need it will generally work well.
Any hormonal deficiency or excess can produce a Low Energy State. This includes not just the thyroid, but also the adrenals glands and sex hormones, especially testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. While deficiencies of these are more commonly going to cause Low Energy States, excesses can also produce this situation.
Any significant nutritional deficiency, particularly in concert with other deficiencies, can result in low energy. Most common of these are Vitamins B12 and D, as well as problems with calcium and magnesium. Any significant electrolyte or mineral disturbance can create a condition of low energy, as can sleep disturbances, overmedication, and addictions to caffeine, foods, alcohol, or street drugs.
One overlooked reason is the spiritual domain. When a person is living life with an ever-increasing mass of complaints, resentments, upsets, and regrets, the cumulative weight of the incomplete past will weigh a human being down in a way that will erode the life force very quickly.
Once a person realized they are in a Low Energy State, going on a hunt with a wide net will often reveal the cause (or causes) of the issue. Then the healing can begin.

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