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Don J. Fontana, MD, PA
New Year's Resolution Makeover
Don Fontana, MD

New Year's Resolution Makeover

It is tradition that at years end, we reflect upon the past and adjust or change our behavior and attitudes to make for a better new year. Almost without exception, individuals over age 25 think about their appearance. For women, especially those of child-bearing age, weight is at the top of the list. That extra ten pounds since the birth of the last child just wont go away. Changing to a more healthy diet, reducing calories and fat intake are always the first steps to weight loss. If possible, exercise adds to the overall success of body contouring and weight loss.
For those women who simply do not have the time to exercise daily there are alternatives to improve areas of localized fat. For women and men who have modest accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen, flanks and saddlebag areas, liposuction can often be the jump start to a healthier new year. Unfortunately, liposuction is not a replacement for dieting and cannot be used for removing excessive amounts of fat.
The coming of a new year also forces one to face the reality that the aging process continues. The pressures of modern living are relentless and very few of us would consider life to be that of wine and roses. The aging process is not constant, but occurs at different rates depending on lifes anxieties.
It is not uncommon to see a patient on a yearly basis and note very little change for years. Then, rather rapidly, the patient shows a marked change in appearance. Almost always this deterioration is associated with events that cause increased stress, anxiety and worry. Sleep patterns change, diet and eating habits are irregular and patients develop a general feeling of malaise. The end result is facial aging that is evident both to the patient and family members.
Current cosmetic plastic surgery offers a multitude of surgical and non-surgical options that can help turn back the clock. Many of these procedures are performed in the office with immediate results. Botox and facial fillers are fast, quick, and nearly painless. New surgical techniques are less invasive and recovery time is reduced with excellent results.
The deep furrows between the eyebrows show amazing improvement with Botox with or without additional fillers. The deep folds from the base of the nose to the lip areas can be lessened significantly with biocompatible facial fillers. For women who wish to have fuller, more youthful lips, lip enlargement with particular fillers can greatly enhance the balance of the face.
Make your new years resolution one of improving your appearance. Many procedures are amazingly affordable and long lasting. Improve your appearance and self-confidence. Consider a complimentary office consultation.

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