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Beth Albaneze, CTRS, CPRP, CLP
New Book Offers Guidance For Weathering Life Changes, No Matter When They Happen
House Calls Total Wellness
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New Book Offers Guidance For Weathering Life Changes, No Matter When They Happen

<strong>New Book Offers Guidance For Weathering Life Changes, No Matter When They Happen</strong>

Studies have shown that the U.S. is in the middle of a mental health crisis, and experts say there is an immediate need for integrated mental health services. For people who are dealing with a loved one’s acute or chronic challenge or life transition the scope of available services can be overwhelming.

In her new book From Helpless to Hopeful: Addressing a Loved One’s Challenges and Changes, Beth Albaneze, MA, CTRS, CPRP, CLP, owner of House Calls Total Wellness, an award-winning program in the metro Maryland/Washington, DC area explains how to navigate both mental health challenges and the system that treats them. Many people go through this kind of nightmare without a guide or flashlight, and it is for them that she wrote this book to teach, educate, and inform readers where to turn for help and what to expect.

“It’s such an important time for people to have a tool like this,” Ms. Albaneze says. “Mental health issues are so widespread right now that even people who haven’t experienced such challenges themselves know someone who is having a hard time.”

Her goal is to take the mystery out of some common mental health situations by providing new ways to look at challenging circumstances. Trying to make all the parts work together can understandably provoke a lot of anxiety. People wonder who to contact. What kind of care is needed? Is there a specialist? Do I need a referral? Which provider is on our insurance plan? Do we have prescription drug coverage and the unknown terrifying question of how will you be able to pay for it? The process can be extremely frustrating. Albaneze addresses these concerns providing comfort with information.

The book is designed to help laypeople find appropriate resources to help a loved one who is experiencing an emotional and/or life shift. The guidance is delivered alongside Ms. Albaneze’s personal anecdotes as well as case studies from her many decades of helping clients find creative and effective ways to help someone they care about.

“It is so rare to find anyone so well informed about the complex and diverse systems of care and services, as well as the right methods to locate and access the appropriate service. Beth Albaneze brings to her clients that special knowledge, expertise, and the compassion in finding and accessing the right matches,” said Mary Reese, who retired as the executive director of the Prince George’s County (Md.) Volunteer Center.

Whether a family is concerned about their elderly mother’s transition into senior care, a child who is struggling at school, a teen who is abusing drugs or alcohol or any other difficulty, Ms. Albaneze offers sage, evidence-based approaches to finding care, starting with tips on how to communicate effectively with someone who is in a mental health crisis.

“During these current times in our country when mental health care support is extremely limited, Helpless to Hopeful is an invaluable resource for what to expect during a mental health crisis and to help navigate the complicated systems involved in government, health care, and insurance resources that may be available,” noted Ellen Witt, Ph.D. “This innovative book definitely fills a critical gap in how to understand and treat mental illness.”

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