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Shirley Cosson
Meditation Aids Female Health
Seven Minute Meditation

Meditation Aids Female Health

Stress, anger, aggravation and worry. These fear-based emotions exacerbate many health issues women face. During a certain period in their lives women experience menopausal cramps, disorders related to reproduction, and stress-related headache, various pains, aches, or fatigue. Diseases statistically experienced by more women than men, such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, might appear later in life. Each and every one of these disorders can be helped by learning a meditation program that includes special techniques for feminine issues.
Men brought meditation to America. Two strongly male Eastern meditation systems began western experience with contemplation practices. One is transcendental meditation and the other comes from daily-life rituals in Buddhist monasteries. These systems focused on clearing or eliminating the mind as well as ideas of love and compassion. The beginnings of Transcendental meditation go back to Maharishi Yogi. He was first noticed in the United States after his world tour in 1958. His recognition increased through contacts with the Beatles and other celebrities in the 1970s and continues to grow to this day.
Earlier, interest in Buddhism came from the thousands of Chinese immigrants entering western ports to work on railroad and other labor-intensive projects. At the same time eastern US citizens were influenced by European scholarly works on Buddhist teachings. Techniques incorporating womens feelings hadnt been considered at that time.
A basic meditation program helps, but a personalized program offers more. Women often find when beginning meditation that emotional feelings arise in the quiet of contemplation. These feelings can be brought under control using affirmative self-loving statements customized to each womans needs. For the woman who wants to do-it-all, a planned period of calmness, even five minutes, seems essential. What better way to encourage positive feelings than by affirming positive traits through meditation?
Every health problem benefits from meditation. The process itself guides you to controlling the emotions that escalate stress in a negative way. Overall physical and psychological benefits enhance the bodys ability to handle and heal many disorders.
Physical Benefits
Lower metabolic and heart rates, thus reduced cardiac work-load
Better control of high blood pressure
Drop in cholesterol levels
Higher levels of DHEAs in elderly women, helping them feel younger
Improved air flow in the lungs, especially helpful to persons with asthma
Psychological Benefits
Greater creativity
Decreased depression
Less irritability and moodiness
Improved self-esteem
Better learning ability and memory
Increased feelings of vitality, rejuvenation and happiness
Better emotional control
Mental/Spiritual Benefits
The longer a woman practices meditation the more likely spiritual discoveries and personal growth will be found. Dr. Joan Borysenko states, “I have observed that many women are most interested in meditation as a way of becoming more attuned to the spiritual dimension of life.” She reports that her patients dealing with AIDS and cancer become “healed” in a state of compassionate self-awareness and self-acceptance as they reach the end of their lives.

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