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Beth Albaneze, CTRS, CPRP, CLP
Life Coaching Creates Motivation
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Life Coaching Creates Motivation

The goals at a client-centered individualized at-home support system include clients’ perceptions, needs and interests to foster an attitude of hopefulness. The benefits to utilizing coaches, counselors and recreation therapists that meets a client in their home or where they wish, helps to break down the barrier of an individual not wanting to go out and enables options that create a healthy routine.

The specialist who takes/meets clients where they want to go utilizes techniques and strategies needed to build trust and rapport. The goal is to sustain or rebuild ones identity essential in maintaining friendships and feeling motivated to participate in their community. In order to maintain a  healthy lifestyle, a variety of services together or one specific such as recreation therapy incorporates role-modeling, active listening and adaptation of activities in the home and other settings to provide social restoration.

Many clients are multi-layered with anxiety and depression making the community rehabilitation plan harder to tackle. The side effects of medications used to stabilize these individuals become a challenge so teaching clients reframing techniques to master negative thinking allows them to view their world with a sense of mastery.

A wrap around model allows for specialists to create an interdisciplinary approach where any service needed for any family member is under one umbrella such as finding other resources; preparing a family for the school system or what services are needed in the future; transitioning a relative to a safe environment or ensuring that isolation does not occur with a vulnerable relative. A team approach might have several specialists meeting with family members for different needs. An example would be a life coach, recreation therapist, psychologist and medical case manager working as a team to provide significant support with the ultimate goal of nurturing the person’s sense of self worth and at the same time stabilizing the whole family through active listening and being at the home when conflict occurs.

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