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Beth Albaneze, CTRS, CPRP, CLP
Life Coaching: Ancillary Support For Providers
House Calls Total Wellness
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Life Coaching: Ancillary Support For Providers

Life coaching supports recovery by advocating on behalf of the individual when the mental health and medical system is lacking or frustrating. Life coaching provides techniques and strategies to increase motivation and teach skill sets that restore and rehabilitate. Life coaches can even collaborate with attorneys and other providers in a team approach to help clients apply for Medicaid, social security disability, medicare and housing subsidies.

Beth Albaneze, CTRS, CPRP, owner and operator of House Calls, LLC, has created contractual agreements with attorneys, hospitals, assisted living, nursing and group home settings for the purpose of training staff in areas of active listening, life coaching and leisure lifestyle enrichment.

The clients living at home receive one-on-one assessments and life coaching to facilitate major life decisions. When the client is in crisis mode, families learn about the resources needed to address an emergency in an expedient manner.

A team of specialized providers are available in areas such as vocational rehabilitation, family mediation, retirement counseling, grief and trauma counseling, recreation and vocational advising, community resources, case management and life coaching.

Specialists provide services in the comfort of the client’s home or wherever the individual or person seeking services for their relative feels most comfortable. Creative and unique techniques and strategies are utilized to motivate an individual to ensure positive outcomes. The methods are designed to incorporate a rehabilitation coach who comes to the house and involves the client and their family when deemed appropriate in every aspect of their journey. Many clients are immobilized and specialists utilize their expertise to walk with them to where they want to go and are afraid to do so on their own. By creating trust and rapport the referring attorney, psychologist and/or psychiatrist can enhance their work and/or treatment plan to implement goals and objectives between appointments.

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