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Gerald N. Smernoff, DDS, MSO, FACO
Judo Orthodontics
Gerald N. Smernoff, DDS

Judo Orthodontics

Judo orthodontics is a method of orthodontic treatment that uses the body's own energy to move teeth. It uses lighter wires, lighter forces, causing little or no treatment discomfort and at lowered treatment costs.
Most doctors doing orthodontics may use old-fashioned methods that were first taught 100 years ago. Judo orthodontics is a modern treatment started in the United States only 50 years ago and is taught in the most modern graduate training programs.
The clear or colored braces may look the same and the wires may look the same, but there are no night braces, no headgears, and no tears. The teeth straighten faster. The smile becomes beautiful. You can almost see the teeth move. The teeth do not move in the doctor's office. They move while you are sleeping. The wires are a special heat reactive alloy that are actually frozen when they are placed into the braces and take their active treatment shape through body heat. Judo Orthodontics moves teeth while the patient is sleeping, eating and going about the day!
On your first trip to the doctor's office, you will be interviewed to see if there is an orthodontic problem, if orthodontic treatment is really necessary at this time, how orthodontic treatment could help the problem, what the treatment would involve, and what the anticipated insurance participation and orthodontic fees would be.
If treatment is needed, Dr. Smernoff feels very strongly that a minimum of school time should be lost due to orthodontic treatment; therefore most of the adjustment appointments will be after school hours. The Judo mechanics does not require being seen every two to three weeks for “tightening.”
Because the teeth are continuously moving, the appointments are at six week to twelve week intervals there by lessening expensive trips to the office. This treatment also encompasses keeping the results with continued night only retention for a beautiful lasting smile.

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