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Janice R. Trent, MEd
Hear the Sweet Sounds of the Holiday Season
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Hear the Sweet Sounds of the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time to reconnect with friends and family. It is filled with opportunities to dine together, sit around the fireplace or simply find a quiet corner to reminisce or share the current affairs of the day. Wherever the location, the key ingredient to all of these activities is the ability to hear. For those who suffer from hearing loss, the full enjoyment of the holiday season is hampered by the inability to fully understand what others have said.
What does this look like during the holiday season? Here are some questions that you can ask
Have your friends or family members stopped attending get-togethers?
Have you noticed that they dont react to the punch line of a humorous story? They dont laugh with everyone.
Have you noticed that they sit quietly at the dinner table but do not engage in discussion?
Conversely, have you noticed that they will not yield the floor for others to talk?
All of these are signs of possible hearing loss. The inability to hear will cause some individuals to isolate themselves from others. They may experience depression and anxiety about not being able to hear others. They may perceive that others are talking about them because they see their lips moving but cannot understand what they are saying.
A hearing loss may cause one to appear not as alert as he/she once was. At the dinner table, the clatter of dishes and conversation may make it difficult to hear family conversations. And finally, some individuals with hearing loss will talk all the time so that they dont have to listen.
Research has found that for adults age 50 and older, those with untreated hearing loss were more likely to report depression, anxiety and paranoia. The research went on to state that individuals who take action by getting a hearing evaluation and, if needed, purchase and wear hearing aids report significant benefits. These benefits include improved relationships with family and friends, improved feelings about self and a brighter perspective on life.
For these individuals, the joy of the holiday season is maximized because they can fully participate in family discussions by sharing thoughts and enjoying stories. If during this holiday season you note that a family member is having difficulty communicating and enjoying the festivities, encourage them to take action and see an audiologist for a hearing consultation and assessment.

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