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Shevy Kanaganayagam, MA, LPC
Marriage Problems During Quarantine
The Marriage Healing Center
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Marriage Problems During Quarantine

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global crisis and one that has affected each one of us. Many couples are learning that managing relationships, while quarantined can be a challenge. Here are 5 tips to help with marriage problems during quarantine.

#1 Communication

Good communication in a marriage decreases stress for two reasons. First, it allows you to resolve the strain between you, and second, it will enable you to “voice” some of your anxieties. Healthy communication is a two-way street: listening and talking.

Getting to know your spouse is difficult and painful, yet rewarding and wondrous.

#2: Overcoming the Negative

Criticism and defensiveness are negative traps in your marriage and can contribute to marriage problems during quarantine. When a couple fails to break free of these traps, the marriage begins to break down. Remember to take ownership of your feelings, appreciate what your spouse is doing right and, remember you’re a team.

#3: Vulnerability

Vulnerability is a crucial element in a marriage relationship. Being heard and feeling loved begin with the risk of opening our hearts. If you are experiencing marriage problems during quarantine start by sharing the experiences of your day. You can admit when there is pain and pour love into it.

Why does vulnerability matter in your marriage? Ultimately it is the one act of daily love that can last.

#4: Intimacy

Intimacy is both physical and emotional and an essential component in a marital relationship. Respect, spending time, expressions of love are ways in which couples can build intimacy in their marriage.

#5: Discovery

Most couples forget to continue cultivating the joy of discovery once married. Remember those nights when you first fell in love. When you stayed up until all hours of the morning talking about ridiculous, inane details? So try it for a week or two, just a question or two every day.

19 Ways To Appreciate Your Spouse

  1. Write a note
  2. Share a joke
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Watch a show together
  5. Cuddle on the sofa
  6. Wash the car
  7. Have a candlelight dinner after the kids are in bed
  8. Give the gift of massage
  9. Give your spouse some alone time
  10. Purchase a card or make a card and mail it to your spouse
  11. Cook a meal
  12. Share with someone (children) how great your spouse is
  13. Decide on one thing you can do together
  14. Purchase your spouse’s favorite snack
  15. Hold your spouse’s hand
  16. Give your spouse a kiss
  17. Read a book together
  18. Thank your spouse
  19. Pray for your spouse

Make use of this time to try new things, challenge yourselves, and grow closer together in your relationship. Consider this difficult time as a gift to invest in your marriage.

In order to help with marriage problems during quarantine, Marriage Healing Center, LLC., is accepting new couples through telehealth and in-person visits to help. Please contact us at (571) 222-5180.

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