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Hema Sundaram, MA, MD, FAAD
Fraxel Millennium Makeover
Sundaram Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center
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Fraxel Millennium Makeover

When Lynda walks into a room, people often comment on how attractive and youthful she looks. When they find out that she will be 58 next month, their jaws drop. Lynda was recently interviewed for CBS Channel 9 T.V.s program “A New Me.” She commented that nobody really noticed when she had a facelift a few years ago but now, after her Fraxel Millennium Makeover, “Everyone keeps telling me how great I look.”
A comparison of Lyndas photograph before and after her treatment with the Fraxel Repair Laser, Perlane and Restylane nonsurgical face lifting and advanced Botox shows that the skin on her face and neck is significantly tighter, the deep crows feet that extended from her eyes to her hairline have almost vanished, she no longer has lines on her forehead and between her eyebrows, and her mouth is youthfully full and wrinkle-free. Lyndas skin is so lustrous that someone commented that she doesnt look a day over 35.
How can these nonsurgical treatments, with little or no down time and no scarring, make you look dramatically younger and better? The reason is that these state-of-the-art treatments, when expertly performed, directly address the three components of the aging process loss of skin elasticity, volume loss and facial muscle imbalance. Instead of surgically cutting and pulling back aging skin, only for it to drop again within a few years, your skin is rejuvenated from within for a long-lasting and completely natural-looking result.
Since the introduction of the Fraxel Laser several years ago, it has rapidly become the gold standard for skin rejuvenation with little or no down time. Now, the breakthrough Fraxel technology has advanced even further, with the development of three distinct Fraxel Lasers to tighten skin and fade wrinkles, scars, discolorations, prominent pores and other signs of aging. A cosmetic surgeon who is also a laser expert can selected the right Fraxel Laser to address your own unique pattern and rate of aging. The Fraxel Laser revitalizes your skin and tightens the layers underneath by stimulating your skin to produce its own collagen. Recovery time varies, depending on which Fraxel Laser is selected. Recent studies show that the injection of natural fillers, Perlane and Restylane, with the correct technique also stimulates your skin to produce collagen. Expert micro droplet Botox treatment will make you look frozen, but will safely relax overactive muscles, smoothing out frown and worry lines, crows feet, neck wrinkles and pucker lines around your mouth while preserving your natural facial expressions. With maintenance treatment, Botox can help prevent lines around your mouth while preserving your natural facial expressions.
Lynda says that she is “beyond thrilled” with her results. Her makeover has allowed her to avoid going under the knife again and empowered her to balance how she looks with how she feels. Now she can radiate outwardly the vibrant youth and energy that she feels internally and truly live life to its fullest.

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