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Jean-Claude Kharmouche, DMD
Eye Catching Smile
NOVA Perio Specialists

Eye Catching Smile

If you dont have the confidence to smile, periodontal plastic surgery can help you “knock the socks off” of anyone by giving you a perfect smile. Cosmetic surgery has become more popular than ever before, especially now that more Americans are living longer and choosing to age more gracefully. Periodontal plastic surgery has also felt this trend as it has experienced a significant shift toward cosmetic-related surgery to help make smiles last a lifetime. Nows the time to put your best smile forward.

Whats Your Problem?

Gummy Smile

Do you feel your teeth look short and your smile is too gummy or your gums cover too much of some teeth while leaving the others the right length? Crown lengthening removes excess gum tissue, creating the right proportion between gums and tooth surface.

Long Teeth

Sometimes gum recession causes the tooth root to become exposed, which makes your teeth look long and can make you look older than you are. Soft tissue grafts and other root coverage procedures are designed to cover exposed roots, to reduce further gum recession and to protect vulnerable roots from decay.

Missing Teeth

If youre missing teeth, dental implants might be your answer. Dental implants are a more natural looking option compared to dentures or bridges because implants look and feel just like your own teeth.

Indentations in the Gums and Jawbone

Tooth loss can cause an indentation in the gums and jawbone where the tooth used to be. Ridge augmentation can fill in this defect recapturing the natural contour of the gums and jaw.

Success Stories

Im thrilled with the results. Every day someone asks me about my smile and compliments me on it.

I cannot believe fixing my gums would make me look so much younger.

This surgery maximized the look of my smile with minimal discomfort

Wow. It looks better than I ever expected. I caught myself smiling freely at a party, which is something I havent done for a long time.

This surgery improved my smile and changed my personality I smile more now.

I was excited about the results from crowns and veneers, but the improvement of the gums made it beyond my imagination.

Wow. I was tired of having teeth that were different lengths. Now the gum length flows.

I finally have the perfect smile for my wedding.

My teeth are no longer sensitive when I breathe in cold air.

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