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Kimberly Aspelin, RN
Exploring Pain
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Exploring Pain

Pain can be expressed in many forms. The most common form of pain expressed is physical pain that inhibits regular daily activity. Physical manifestation of pain is usually a signal of disharmony in the natural homeostasis of the body. This disharmony can have many causes such as trauma of an injury, stress of life situations and unreleased emotional pain such as childhood abuse.
Depression expresses itself in many occasions with physical symptoms that have no determinable cause. We have all heard the term “broken heart”. This brings an understanding of pain expressed as an emotional event occurring from physical pain. Recent studies have shown that this expression may not be just an “old wives tale”.
Every day, more and more information is being published about the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and the bodys response to emotional pain. A disconnection from the balance in this delicate harmony can present itself as pain that interrupts the natural flow of life energy. This life energy has had many terms throughout the centuries. Most recently this energy has been termed “The Divine Matrix” by Gregg Braden and described as the energy matrix that is a part of all. This has become a very popular understanding since Oprah Winfrey chose to speak about “The Secret” on her television show. There are many other published authors that are inviting an understanding of our connection to this divine source. Deepak Chopra MD, Caroline Myss PhD and Richard Gerber MD have all published best selling books on this subject.
According to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, best selling author of The Power of Intention, “Reconnecting to source is the secret to all healing”. The resonance with universal source is the basis of how reconnection healing and “The Reconnection” facilitates and restores harmony. In a reconnection healing session, the client is introduced into a connection with this universal energy source via conscious intention and unconditional love. This facilitates the ability to return to a natural harmonious state. Many report a feeling of peace and connectedness physical pain releasing as emotional balance is restored and joy returns to life.
The body has an amazing ability to heal when the homeostasis of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection is maintained. For more information, I recommend you read the following book The Reconnection Heal Others, HealYourself by Dr. Eric Pearl.
Today is the day to rediscover the connection to the divine source that sustains all. Today is the day to remember your innate ability to restore vitality, happiness and energy. When you drop a small amount of food coloring into a bowl of water, the color infuses all the water. When you open the flow of divine love and energy connection within your Mind-Body-Soul, this flow infuses the body.

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