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Michael S Saoud, DMD
Does My Oral Health Affect My Overall Health?
Michael S. Saoud, DMD
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Does My Oral Health Affect My Overall Health?

When you have gum disease (technically known as periodontal disease or periodontitis), your overall health could suffer as well.
Expectant mothers who experience significant gum disease are at much greater risk of having a premature or low birth weight.
Diabetics who are afflicted with chronic periodontitis have far more difficulty controlling their diabetes than those who do not have gum problems.
A strong association has been found between having periodontal disease over many years and a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease in the form of heart attacks and strokes.
The cause and effect relationship between ailments in your mouth and the other disease processes just mentioned is not precisely understood, but there is a common thread appearing in all the research.
Gum disease is the bodys inflammatory response to the bacteria in your mouth. Diabetic complications, cardiovascular disease and preterm and low birth weight babies are all the result of other inflammatory mechanisms in your body. It is thought that if you have severe enough periodontal disease for long enough, it will trigger these other inflammations. Unfortunately, people are unaware that they even have gum disease until it progresses to a very advanced stage. You may not know until it is too late, teeth cannot be saved and other health problems occur.
Periodontitis can strike anyone of any age at any time. Visits to your dentist are a must at least twice a year so periodontal disease can be detected and treated before it progresses to a phase where it can affect your general health. Make one of your resolutions a promise to make your health a top priority. After all, without health nothing else matters. Call us today for a healthier and happier you.

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