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Olivier Pelletier, LMT, NCTMB
CORE Myofascial Technqiues
Core Bodywork at The Restorative Health

CORE Myofascial Technqiues

CORE myofascial techniques are used to restore mobility in the bodys fascial system and to soften connective tissue that has become rigid. These techniques remove restrictions in the fascia ( tissue which envelopes muscle ) that cause limited mobility, postural distortion, poor cellular nutrition, pain, and a variety of other dysfunctions. CORE myofascial techniques involve deep and slow, stretching and spreading of the connective tissue and are generally applied using little lubricant.
Your CORE therapist must be able to feel subtle restrictions in the movement of fascial tissues and the “letting go” or “melting” that occurs as the fascia elongates and becomes pliable. The stretching of tissues and the heat imparted by the therapists hands are thought to help produce a softer consistency of fascial tissues, which allows them to elongate more easily. As the tissues stretch, adhesions or “knots” within the fascia are freed. Different CORE myofascial therapy sessions are offered depending on your goals and concerns.
CORE myofascial techniques are also used in the CORE structural integration sessions, a 10-session therapeutic and educational plan of progressively deeper myofascial treatments to improve the bodys structure and function. A different body region is worked on in each session. This establishes a balanced structure, while releasing deep chronic tension, improving interrelated movement patterns, and increasing self-reliance through heightened physical awareness.

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