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Beth Connors, AuD, CCC-A
Cool Lipo Laser-Assisted Liposuction
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Cool Lipo Laser-Assisted Liposuction

Imagine reducing fat pads on multiple areas of the face, neck, and body with minimal discomfort, minimal downtime and gratifying results. Cool Lipo laser-assisted lipolysis is a minimally invasive laser liposuction procedure featuring no incisions, the additional benefit of skin tightening over treated areas, and the ability to undergo the procedure under local anesthesia in an office operatory setting. Patients are able to resume light activity almost immediately and generally return to work in about two days. Bruising and swelling are much less than with standard large incision, large cannula liposuction.
What It Is
Cool Lipo is a breakthrough technology that involves use of a special wavelength of laser energy that when applied to body fat with a fiber, only a half-millimeter in diameter, melts or vaporizes it to form water and an oily substance. It directly disrupts and dissolves each fat cell that it touches.
Once the fat is vaporized, it is gently vacuumed from the treatment area with a tube less than one millimeter in diameter. And, since the laser wavelength stimulates collagen growth in overlying skin, it directly tightens skin overlying the treatment area. The tightening effect is immediate and then more noticeable at about six months, when new collagen growth is stimulated, as is seen with fractional CO2 laser technology for skin rejuvenation. These immediate and delayed effects can actually be seen with microscopic evaluation of skin and the underlying fat.
The Cool Lipo laser beam is directed at the fat through a tiny fiber. The tiny fiber means an equally tiny opening in the skin so there are no large cuts as is seen in standard liposuction. This results in minimal bruising the laser coagulates blood vessels rather than breaking and tearing them and so, results in less tissue damage and less discomfort. The laser vaporizes the fat rather than pulling it out.
With Cool Lipo, patients can return to their daily activities in about 48 hours rather than up to a week. Best of all, the procedure can be done under local anesthesia in an office setting, rather than under general anesthesia in the operating room.
What It Does
Cool Lipo was developed to assist patients with sculpting of fat deposits resulting from the aging process or those that remain after a diet and exercise program. Areas or units commonly treated include the “face lift area” including the chin, jowls, naso-labial folds, and cheeks; the “festoon area” overlying the cheek bone area below the under-eye fat pad; the neck and chin; the “bat wing area” of the upper arms; the “bra bulge area” above the side elastic of the bra on the back; the abdomen, the “love handle” or flank area; the inner thigh; and the “saddlebag area” of the hips.
Breakthrough Technology
The most important concepts to appreciate when we think about new technology with the Cool Lipo laser as the instrument is that it is gentle, which results in minimal down time, much less pain, and much less bleeding and swelling. Patients are able to have the procedure under local anesthesia and can walk unassisted from the office post-treatment. Cool Lipo also shrinks and tightens skin, which gives maximal results without large incisions and skin removal.
Cool Lipo For Body Sculpture
Cool Lipo can be used after standard liposuction to smooth or sculpt lumpy areas, “dog ears,” and loose overlying skin. It is the treatment of choice for body sculpting of multiple sites over several sessions.
What To Expect
At your initial consultation you will share your impressions about which areas you would like to have sculpted, along with your other goals, depending upon where you are in the weight loss process. We will discuss the procedure, your realistic goals and expectations, as well as the anticipated post-treatment course. Your desired treatment areas will be examined in relation to your general body type and photographs will be taken, which will be reviewed with you. New photos will be taken about a month after the procedures. You will be able to see the improvement in contour. Typically 1-3 sites will be treated per session. Total body sculpting involving multiple sites per treatment may take place over several sessions.
On Your Treatment Day
You will be given a sedative, an antibiotic and an anti-viral medication. Under sterile conditions, a solution is placed under the skin to numb and firm the fat “tumescent technique.” After that is completed, the Cool Lipo fiber is inserted into the fat deposit and the treatment is begun. The melted fat is then gently suctioned and then a compression garment is placed over the treated areas. The garment should be worn during the day for the next two weeks. Expect some drainage for a few days. You should rest during this time, although walking and light activity are encouraged. Your first post-treatment visit will be about two days afterward, with another follow-up at about a week. Discomfort is usually very mild, although pain medications or a sedative may be taken post-operatively if desired.
Cool Lipo in Combination with
Other Sculpting Therapy
CO2 Encore Ultra Pulse or Bridge Therapy, along with Lipo-dissolve injections, can be additionally recommended for sculpting smaller areas, shrinking loose skin and stretch marks, or working further with cellulite deposits.

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