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Thomas K. Lo, MA, DC
Chirpractors Join Forces With Noted Physicians
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Chirpractors Join Forces With Noted Physicians

Select doctors of chiropractic across the United States are now accessible to 15 million consumers via an online directory found at www.DrWeil.com. The new alliance with Activator Methods International, announced by Weil Lifestyle, LLC, will provide consumers interested in finding qualified low-force chiropractic care with the added benefits of integrative health care.
Andrew Weil, M.D. is a Harvard trained medical doctor, best-selling author of Natural Health, Natural Medicine, and well-known for a lifetime of practicing natural health and preventive medicine. His innovative approach to health care encompasses body, mind and spirit. His website www.DrWeil.com atracts hundreds of thousands of visitors per month seeking information on more natural, preventive approaches to healthcare.
In addition to the local clinic being online, hundreds of other Activator practices from around the country will be available, with more added every month. Patients traveling or moving will be able to visit www.DrWeil.com , click on a banner ad, and then search Activator chiropractors by name, location, distance and/or zip code. Special MapQuest links have been added to each doctor listing making finding new locations even easier. Additionally, new patients seeking a practitioner for the first time can feel confident about a referral obtained from this source.
A directory of Activator chiropractors has been online for many years; however this is the first time that the directory has been made available from such an authoritative website such as DrWeil.com – extending Activators healthful benefits to a larger audience.
Well Lifestyle, LLC, the parent company of www.DrWeil.com announced the alliance after an extensive investigative process to verify the research supporting the Activator Method. “We are excited about working with the large number of highly trained and certified chiropractic practitioners in the Activator Network. Many chiropractors already embrace the principles of integrative medicine. The Activator Network, with its strong commitment to training and research, is a perfect fit for expanding integrative medicine education,” noted Larry Tree, co-founder and CEO of Weil Lifestyle, LLC.
About Activator Methods
Activator Method International, Ltd. Is the most widely used low-force adjusting technique in the world, with over 2,100 chiropractors passing the Activator exam on an annual basis to become proficiency rated. The technique is recognized for its leadership in research and education, with over 134 peer-reviewed research articles to its credit and educating over 4,000 chiropractors since its beginning 40 years ago.

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